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My phone says that the download failed and idk why it won't let me

What are all the demon transformations i have the second one

Last one is Lord of lust that's where I'm at right now.

I dont know if it's my device being dumb or not but it won't download the game it just says download failed

When you are a demon lord can you still visit Abel's house?

As of the 0.4.3 build, you cannot actually enter Abel's house just yet.

what I meant was if the update came out where you can visit his house, can you still go there as a Lord of lust.

Idk if I did the right path but I killed the boss in the Monolith. Is it the right path? haha

Is 4.4 ever gonna be for free download? sorry if this seems rushing

Yeah, builds come out for free a month after their Patreon release.

It's game super cool!


The game has a lot of potential, most of it is really good, the only thing i want to talk about is the battle system.
The battle system of this game is pretty interesting in my opinion, and at least in this version, the boss is pretty hard, i mean, unnecessarily hard, i needed to grind so much and use so many strategies to beat it, and still it was a draw in the end of the fight.
Despite the difficulty, there's not much to complain, the game is pretty cool, and i think there could be more images for the enemies, please don't give up on this project, it's something that i really want to see complete.


I am now a major demon muahaha I have corrupted my whole village, I feel powerful even if it's in a game.

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How do I visit Abel's house after I unlock the option?


We are still working on this part. Stay tuned!



On my second fight in 4.3 I had multiple turns where I had to either do a "combo" of one move because I had 2 4s and 2 1s, or I had turns where no offensive option was available to me. That's a very frustrating player experience because, as the one playing a game, surely I should get to choose what happens to at least some degree.

Why are you so married to the idea of making combos out of random cards? It's an inherently flawed system because the player never has any real control or ability to plan their next turn.

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surely I should get to choose what happens to at least some degree.

You do. You can pick from the cards. If they don’t line up optimally then you pick your best option and go with it and yes sometimes that is just one card even after you mulligan.

TBH I rather like the combat system. It is a bit random at first, and you probably should never fight anything before you get the symbiote (and throw out the stamina recovery card). But when you get more sigils—and especially after dropping ranks in Valiant Rush—it comes into its own as an interesting exercise of making the best use of the hand you’re dealt.

If I were to make a change to it to make it less random, maybe it would just be to add some power that lets you mulligan more often, or that lets you do a 4>1 or 1>4 chain sometimes.

What happens if you get to corrupted?

Um, don't you wanna play the game to find out?

I am actually playing the game right now I'm at 11 corruption right now, I'm just curious of what would happen if your corruption is too high.

It unlocks few choices, like one choice vs goo snake where you can have an ability to do something when your corruption is 75 or higher. It also applies to your skill improvements, somewhere it says that it raises some stat if your corruption is 50 or higher.


What I'm looking forward to most are the picture of enemies. The text needs a picture with it!!


Not even into macro and yet I was allured at being bigger and muscular than bosses lol

This whole game was a delightful experience, wish you well on development


so i played this game for quite a bit already and then a thought occurred to me. if you can make the slime chubby, why can't you be chubby yourself? and now i shall make a campaign about adding fat meter to the game. I'll start when i get patreon.

The 1mb download doesn't work


can someone tell me if this gay -_-


it is


I tried checking out the Trello to leave some comments/suggestions but found I was unable to, so I figured I would leave them here.

I'm sure the game expects that you activate the symbiote as soon as it appears, but if you don't the symbiote is still mentioned/viewable from home etc despite not existing.

I'm sure it's already thought of, but the encounters could use more variety. Running into the same monsters becomes less interesting when the scene is always the same.

On that token, additional options and more detail would be welcome too. Maybe I wanna ride the minotaur I defeated.

It would be nice to see more come from the parasites. Perhaps a special card to shoot parasites at someone as an attack or an option to infest defeated enemies. Maybe a way to overrun the village with parasites. Perhaps have infested enemies begin appearing as you spread it more.

As a side note, I think it would be cool to have additional infection-sites for the parasites. Maybe the smaller parasites slither into your groin when you're infesting the dragon in the manor. Maybe you bend him over and force the parasite up his rear? Just a thought.

Also, since the symbiote can be anything you can think of, perhaps allow an option to make it take on the form of a parasite.

The game gets locked in place if you don't accept the symbiote event. It took me a while to progress because I thought that picking up the symbiote came with corruption, so I avoided it. Perhaps make it a start of the first eclipse event if it is critical to progression/play or allow players who choose to forgo it to continue their progression?

All in all I think it is a wonderful game with a lot of potential and I avidly look forward to following its development and playing it. I'm not sure how far I've progressed within the available story/content so far, but I certainly have enjoyed what I have found as it stands. Keep up the good work!!! <3


Just finished the game and I have to say that it's just awesome. The way the story and combat mix with each specific kink, art and character descriptions makes this one of the hottest games I've played so far. Can't wait for the next update :)


This comment made me so happy when I read it. You made my day hahaha <3


This game is really interesting so far! I've gone a little way in and just ran into Tok. Suuuper hot! It did make me curious though. How many characters currently have unique art? Do you intend for all of them to?


We got about 5 of them currently, but there's a lot more art coming!


That's awesome! I love the art style so I really look forward to seeing more! 


this a neat game, with tons of good stuff.
i very intrested what will happen With the "Lost" after you  want to recruit Him (you need to see the massage at: Corruption Greater than or equal to 76)bc curently its saying: ((To be implemented at a later stage!))


also there is the minotaur Guard scene where he is asking for the sun: "Grant him the sun's power (Not implemented yet)"


btw is it okay when this happens ?

"Error: <<run>>: bad evaluation: Cannot read property 'cocks' of undefined

<<run setup.doComboAttack($CharacterSheet_Player, $Encounter_Target) >>

 ∇ : Arousal overtakes you.
A thick blue goo emerges from your pores."


Is there any gay romance in this game? Or guys you can pursue a romantic relationship with?


i don't know about the clean route but in the corrupted route, there is no such thing (as far as i know but i'm nit sure because draketh seems to take a liking on you if you infect him but i haven't met him again so far), on the other hand there are many others then you can have s*x with in this route and battles are much easier


I am praying there will be visual pics of how the jelly monster would look cause holy fuck the scenes with him are hot as fuc


It's a shame you can't save on top of files from the previous version. I'm definitely not going to want to start all over again with each new update.

Is there any way to increase your Action Slots in the game?

Never mind, I found it. It's an ability called Valiant Rush.

that will be a good  thing if you have enamy pic.. love it

Problem: There are error messages when I try to reach the end in apothus' realm. It says Error_feedthechosen_Level1 thingy?.... Is this not done yet or ... :3

Quick question. If I try loading the Old Save file that is before the 4.1 update, will the new scenes from the new update will not appear?.....

0.4.1 is not compatible with old saves, I can't guarantee that the game will be stable if you do that.

Does that mean I have to restart the game all over again from scratch?.... :(

So, i played the game recently and I stumbled upon a bug, if you land a fatal blow at the enemy and cast sigil of perception after the attack, the extra critical percent will be permanent 

Oh yeah, that. Just use another and it goes away. Though that is an exploit if you can stack multiple before the death blow.


Version 0.4.1:
Just gonna brag for a moment,
Body Type Astronomical (343), over 50Ft, 30 Ft member with 13 Ft boys, LV 19, Tank 4, Warrior of Duality 5, Herculean Build 5, Vigor of Endowed 1, Essence Hoarder 1, Berserking 1, Valiant Rush 1.
Current Stats:
Health: 197. Stamina: 48. Strength: 150. Stamina Recovery: 20
Cult is defeated. 0 Corruption.
Now 3rd Cycle.
AND STILL THE PEOPLE DON'T WORSHIP ME AS THE BENEVOLENT TITAN I AM! (Joke, not serious about the worship thing.)

Tips: Use the first cycle to up your level BEFORE getting "Echo". (Cycles are 100 days.) Before the Cycle ends, use the quick travel to go back to impact site.
By second Cycle, around 50 days in, you should be ready to take on the Cult If you're lucky with your combos. (Use Vitality Sigil wisely!)
Gaining "Echo" or Defeating the Cult will move you to the next Cycle.

Battle moves, main 3 attacks and Vitality and Pain sigils. (Use Growth to get that big.)

No real notes for the Developer, just kinda wanted to brag. (though those combo attacks while you're stunned is still in there.)

Looking good~
Also I'll make sure to have the combos while stunned bug fixed for 0.4.2.

Though, is there a way to work onto the save files? having to restart when there is a new update everytime because its not compatible anymore might prove to be a bit bothersome.

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It depends on the release really, I have been reworking the back-end pretty hard for the last few releases so it's been almost impossible to upgrade saves between versions. I expect it to be that way a bit more as I change the code's workflow but once that's done I'll be able to support old saves again like I did in older versions of the game.

On 7th November 0.4.1 will be released

What happened to the behemoth options for the symbiote? And goo fight?

(4 edits)

Notes for Creator: There might be a slight bug with the "Stun" mechanic. (Current version 0.4.0) You still do moves after your first action of a combo if you did one before being stunned. (worship does remove all moves of combo)

The Berserk seems to be taking more health away than base health. (or does that factor kick in after all health pluses?)

Why is all of the Town not worshiping me like some protector titan god when I'm over 50ft tall, over 500 strength, and 0 corruption? (Two hits and all enemies are dead.)

Also on the text adding: might wanna add some scenes that reflect how big a person is. Why is that little 10ft naga calling me "prey" when it's some tiny little nothing?

Speed strat for others: Get Tank 1, Herculean body, and + to stamina ups to quick get the growth from Tok. (You'll need to use goo to stun him.) From there you're golden.

Why when I try to download it on Android it didn't start. When it's start downloading it said connection error to the service.. Any help?

sadly, it probably hasn't been ported to android

The fight move set are not there.

For some odd reason when I click on your gumroad link it keeps dragging me to your patreon


Oh wow that's interesting hahaha.
Should be fixed now!

Is there something like a debug or cheat menu for the game?


Yes but it's only on the special Patreon or Gumroad version.


Will it be possible to change your goos cock type like canine cock for the werewolf wolf and etc?

Interesting idea, but I'd have to say that it's doubtful that'll be the case. Sombreve is currently working on a lot of new content at the moment, but that probably won't be looked at for the next couple updates.

Get errors Everytime I used Firefox on android

Play through the official website at:

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