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I am praying there will be visual pics of how the jelly monster would look cause holy fuck the scenes with him are hot as fuc


It's a shame you can't save on top of files from the previous version. I'm definitely not going to want to start all over again with each new update.

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Deleted 26 days ago

that will be a good  thing if you have enamy pic.. love it

Problem: There are error messages when I try to reach the end in apothus' realm. It says Error_feedthechosen_Level1 thingy?.... Is this not done yet or ... :3

Quick question. If I try loading the Old Save file that is before the 4.1 update, will the new scenes from the new update will not appear?.....

0.4.1 is not compatible with old saves, I can't guarantee that the game will be stable if you do that.

Does that mean I have to restart the game all over again from scratch?.... :(

So, i played the game recently and I stumbled upon a bug, if you land a fatal blow at the enemy and cast sigil of perception after the attack, the extra critical percent will be permanent 

Oh yeah, that. Just use another and it goes away. Though that is an exploit if you can stack multiple before the death blow.


Version 0.4.1:
Just gonna brag for a moment,
Body Type Astronomical (343), over 50Ft, 30 Ft member with 13 Ft boys, LV 19, Tank 4, Warrior of Duality 5, Herculean Build 5, Vigor of Endowed 1, Essence Hoarder 1, Berserking 1, Valiant Rush 1.
Current Stats:
Health: 197. Stamina: 48. Strength: 150. Stamina Recovery: 20
Cult is defeated. 0 Corruption.
Now 3rd Cycle.
AND STILL THE PEOPLE DON'T WORSHIP ME AS THE BENEVOLENT TITAN I AM! (Joke, not serious about the worship thing.)

Tips: Use the first cycle to up your level BEFORE getting "Echo". (Cycles are 100 days.) Before the Cycle ends, use the quick travel to go back to impact site.
By second Cycle, around 50 days in, you should be ready to take on the Cult If you're lucky with your combos. (Use Vitality Sigil wisely!)
Gaining "Echo" or Defeating the Cult will move you to the next Cycle.

Battle moves, main 3 attacks and Vitality and Pain sigils. (Use Growth to get that big.)

No real notes for the Developer, just kinda wanted to brag. (though those combo attacks while you're stunned is still in there.)

Looking good~
Also I'll make sure to have the combos while stunned bug fixed for 0.4.2.

Though, is there a way to work onto the save files? having to restart when there is a new update everytime because its not compatible anymore might prove to be a bit bothersome.

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It depends on the release really, I have been reworking the back-end pretty hard for the last few releases so it's been almost impossible to upgrade saves between versions. I expect it to be that way a bit more as I change the code's workflow but once that's done I'll be able to support old saves again like I did in older versions of the game.

On 7th November 0.4.1 will be released

What happened to the behemoth options for the symbiote? And goo fight?

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Notes for Creator: There might be a slight bug with the "Stun" mechanic. (Current version 0.4.0) You still do moves after your first action of a combo if you did one before being stunned. (worship does remove all moves of combo)

The Berserk seems to be taking more health away than base health. (or does that factor kick in after all health pluses?)

Why is all of the Town not worshiping me like some protector titan god when I'm over 50ft tall, over 500 strength, and 0 corruption? (Two hits and all enemies are dead.)

Also on the text adding: might wanna add some scenes that reflect how big a person is. Why is that little 10ft naga calling me "prey" when it's some tiny little nothing?

Speed strat for others: Get Tank 1, Herculean body, and + to stamina ups to quick get the growth from Tok. (You'll need to use goo to stun him.) From there you're golden.

Why when I try to download it on Android it didn't start. When it's start downloading it said connection error to the service.. Any help?

sadly, it probably hasn't been ported to android

The fight move set are not there.

For some odd reason when I click on your gumroad link it keeps dragging me to your patreon


Oh wow that's interesting hahaha.
Should be fixed now!

Is there something like a debug or cheat menu for the game?


Yes but it's only on the special Patreon or Gumroad version.


Will it be possible to change your goos cock type like canine cock for the werewolf wolf and etc?

Interesting idea, but I'd have to say that it's doubtful that'll be the case. Sombreve is currently working on a lot of new content at the moment, but that probably won't be looked at for the next couple updates.

Get errors Everytime I used Firefox on android

Play through the official website at:


Most of my save files aren't compatible with the newest version, is there a way to fix this?

Unfortunately not, sorry...

Ah, that's okay! It's still a good game, even if the old save files aren't compatible.

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Hi sorry, I'd like to report a bug (?). The red error messages on the left show right after the 2 on the right. I'm using the itch app, tho this never happened for me with your game before till now. Version is 0.3.3

Sorry about that. This one should be fixed in the next version. For now you can play the build on Chrome or Firefox to avoid this issue.

Oh okay, thanks for the reply!

On mobile, 3.3 doesn’t work. Here’s an imgur album of the error messages

The first two come when opening the game. There’s no side bar. The third one comes when trying to select a race and makes it literally impossible to continue playing. It happens for every race as well.

Try to fix it when you can, but if you’re taking a break or working on the Next version, no need to rush.

Yeah... This is currently an issue for Safari and Edge. I'll make sure to fix it for the next version.


I currently love the new version of this game, it's just amazing, the mirror idea is great (when you inspect your self),  the Battle system is really good and the "NSWF Contents are really good in this.

i can wait until the new version (I would imagine it will come with more content).

anyway keep up your good work :D


Thank you so much! Super appreciated <3

I am trying to dowland the game in Android but ıt doesn't work,after few seconds ıt just saya Server problem. 

Help :(

Oh no!

If you just want to play on browser, try playing it from the official website
Itch has some issues playing the game on some devices sadly :(

Thx. :)) 

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We truly need detailed character info and character creation on game start... (Maybe to your goo friend\monster too).  

do you plan to translate into spanish or portuguese.

I have no plans for this as of now. Sorry :(


I wish there was a little less goo and that my character was the bottom most of the time, but I really like it so far. 

It took me a while to realize how to level up, because mobile is zoomed in so I didn't see the plus signs, and I didn't realize you could save/load and check your stats until my character was suuuuper corrupt. However, I was quite happy with him so I saved it and started fresh game that's not corrupt at all... Definitely prefer the corruption route. 

I'll keep a note to myself to fix the level up screen for mobile. Thanks for letting me know and thanks for playing <3

Some pictures of the in-game content would be appreciated, if it's not too much to ask...

It's a text-only game, but it's really good.


Hope the Next Update comes Soonish, love the Game so Far ^^.

and i think i made my Char way to Overpowered, i littrealy almost One Shot everything now.

New versions usually come out once every month.

Ok ^^

I played all the game and i'm waiting for more

Thanks for playing! <3

symbiots? As in symbiots from Venom series?

Pretty much, yeah.

How about parasites? Or is it too much?

Let's just say I have ideas involving some...

I've spent several hours letting the imp beat up on me using sigils of growth.
It bothers me a little that his strength never increases, no matter how big I let him grow, that he never uses the sigils of pain or vitality even if he learns them from you, and that there's only ever an indicator of his size if you defeat him while significantly larger than he is.  Is there any plan to address any of these?

Oh damn! Thanks for pushing that mechanic so far hahaha.

I'll test out why he doesn't use the sigils, thanks for letting me know. I currently give a stat buff when there is a big size difference between the opponent and you but maybe it's not noticeable enough... Thanks for letting me know about this also.

I'm currently working on a way to fully view your opponent's stats also so you won't have to find a workaround to see their stats anymore, so yeah, that one should arrive pretty soon.

Cheers dude and thanks for kicking the game's ass so much lmao.

You should come say hi in the game's discord:

Hmm.. is it normal that im seeing errors pretty often in the public build so far? like missing text, stuff like that.

Missing text? First time I hear something of the sorts.

We can troubleshoot it if you want, the best way would be to send a picture of the error with info like your browser and what kind of device you play on.

Hopefully I can help!

Hmm.. probably the computer that ive first tested this game didnt ran it properly, tried it on another one and it seems to be working so far.

The game is really good, can't wait to see more content, if can absorb the opponent's physical features even better! Is this the latest version?

Thanks for the comment <3

The latest builds are released early on my Patreon here:

That being said, a new free version will be releasing as early as this weekend!

ill there be any versions updated to the public periodically, granted at a delay? I love growth games, but am  bit poor, though would love to keep a watch on things. I love how the monsters actually can change based on actions. Though in testing stuff I accidentally taught the imp to surrender and it would just endlessly surrender.


Yo! I do plan to release a new free version in the upcoming weeks. 
This new version will have a fix for the Imp learning the Surrender move, it's already fixed in the Patreon build.

Thanks for playing <3

I also loved how you did something unique with the arousal bar. Pretty much all of these types it's like, a second health bar and all.

Also, height growth in rpgs is always great, though I am happy to see that it's more balanced and all, as I'm not a fan of crazy hyper.

The game looks very promising. But the whole hyper-sized theme looks rediculous. Like, you can easily have a dick 3 times bigger than you, and it doesn't affect your moves. How is that possible? I wish it was more realistic and extreme values would be avoided or, at least, led to bad ends like in CoC.


This is more of a balancing issue than anything else honestly, the growth will be more even in the next version.

please, let the game be downloable, my pc isn't running on the browser


Thanks for letting me know <3
It should be fixed now.

You just revived my love for symbiots. Can't wait to see more of this!

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