A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

Dawn of Corruption is a Dark Fantasy NSFW RPG featuring fetishes on gay male characters (Muscle Growth, Macro, Hyper, Goo, Transformation).

Corruption is taking over everything in Tyem, and even death can't clean the taint clutching at the soul of its people.

The world will fall, there is no question about that. But where will you be once it does?

Note: If you like the game and wanna see the next version in advance, check out my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/sombreve

I also have a Discord server about the game. Come say hi!


Play in Browser [0.2.1]
Download [0.2.1] 721 kB
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Download [0.1.5] 687 kB
Play in Browser [0.1]
Download [0.1] 651 kB

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Hope the Next Update comes Soonish, love the Game so Far ^^.

and i think i made my Char way to Overpowered, i littrealy almost One Shot everything now.

New versions usually come out once every month.

Ok ^^

I played all the game and i'm waiting for more

Thanks for playing! <3

symbiots? As in symbiots from Venom series?

Pretty much, yeah.

How about parasites? Or is it too much?

Let's just say I have ideas involving some...

I've spent several hours letting the imp beat up on me using sigils of growth.
It bothers me a little that his strength never increases, no matter how big I let him grow, that he never uses the sigils of pain or vitality even if he learns them from you, and that there's only ever an indicator of his size if you defeat him while significantly larger than he is.  Is there any plan to address any of these?

Oh damn! Thanks for pushing that mechanic so far hahaha.

I'll test out why he doesn't use the sigils, thanks for letting me know. I currently give a stat buff when there is a big size difference between the opponent and you but maybe it's not noticeable enough... Thanks for letting me know about this also.

I'm currently working on a way to fully view your opponent's stats also so you won't have to find a workaround to see their stats anymore, so yeah, that one should arrive pretty soon.

Cheers dude and thanks for kicking the game's ass so much lmao.

You should come say hi in the game's discord: https://discord.gg/Wgg5sG

Hmm.. is it normal that im seeing errors pretty often in the public build so far? like missing text, stuff like that.

Missing text? First time I hear something of the sorts.

We can troubleshoot it if you want, the best way would be to send a picture of the error with info like your browser and what kind of device you play on.

Hopefully I can help!

Hmm.. probably the computer that ive first tested this game didnt ran it properly, tried it on another one and it seems to be working so far.

The game is really good, can't wait to see more content, if can absorb the opponent's physical features even better! Is this the latest version?

Thanks for the comment <3

The latest builds are released early on my Patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/sombreve

That being said, a new free version will be releasing as early as this weekend!

ill there be any versions updated to the public periodically, granted at a delay? I love growth games, but am  bit poor, though would love to keep a watch on things. I love how the monsters actually can change based on actions. Though in testing stuff I accidentally taught the imp to surrender and it would just endlessly surrender.


Yo! I do plan to release a new free version in the upcoming weeks. 
This new version will have a fix for the Imp learning the Surrender move, it's already fixed in the Patreon build.

Thanks for playing <3

I also loved how you did something unique with the arousal bar. Pretty much all of these types it's like, a second health bar and all.

Also, height growth in rpgs is always great, though I am happy to see that it's more balanced and all, as I'm not a fan of crazy hyper.

The game looks very promising. But the whole hyper-sized theme looks rediculous. Like, you can easily have a dick 3 times bigger than you, and it doesn't affect your moves. How is that possible? I wish it was more realistic and extreme values would be avoided or, at least, led to bad ends like in CoC.


This is more of a balancing issue than anything else honestly, the growth will be more even in the next version.

please, let the game be downloable, my pc isn't running on the browser


Thanks for letting me know <3
It should be fixed now.

You just revived my love for symbiots. Can't wait to see more of this!