Dawn of Corruption 0.1.5 is out!

This new public release comes with a ton of changes based on the feedback I've gathered over the month. 

The writing was improved and polished, growth has been smoothed out to with more believable proportions between cock and body size, and there's a whole new random encounter!
Unfortunately, your 0.1 saves won't be compatible with this version. This should be one of the few times this happens since I now support the upgrade of save files for future releases.
So your 0.1.5 saves will be compatible with future versions of the game.

Release notes 0.1.5:
-Added the Lost Werewolf as a new encounter
 -Has a unique move that stuns if his target has 50+ arousal.
 -Has a unique intro, win and loss scenarios.
 -There's an extra scene with him for those who reached 25+ corruption upon beating him.
-Massive edits to the writing for all encounters, the intro and the main quest
-Added a tech that smoothly evens out future cock and body growth in case one of them becomes much bigger than the other.
-Added support for save files updates! (With the saves of this version onward, I can upgrade them if you use them in a newer version of the game.)
-Added Yellow and Brown as symbiote colours
-Lakkos, Tok, Imp and Werewolf encounters now have variations in their intros based on things you've accomplished.
-You now gain special perks based on how bigger than your opponent you are.
-Unlocks "Stomp" Fight Move when you are much bigger than your opponent

-Fixed an issue where growth would not be applied permanently to enemies during fight.
-Fixed a bug with the Imp being able to learn 'special' fight moves (surrender and do nothing)
-Fixed some growth not being applied at the right timing in the Lakkos encounter
-Fixed an issue with Lakko's growing more than expected in the final demon tf.
-Fixed an issue with the masochism abilities always granting the maximum possible arousal per attack.

Backers of my Patreon have access to the next versions in advance!
Check it out here if you're interested: https://www.patreon.com/sombreve

I also have a Discord server about the game and all sorts of growth transformation-related content. Come say hi!


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Dec 14, 2019
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Dec 14, 2019

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