Dawn of Corruption [0.3.2] out for patrons!

As you may know, I release new versions of the game one month in advance for backers on Patreon. And I gotta say, this new release is much bigger than any other versions before this one.

If you're interested in getting an early access to it or just wanna support the game, check out https://www.patreon.com/sombreve . Either way, this version will be free for everyone next month. Here's what's coming:

Release notes 0.3.2

Added new room in the Nyx dungeon featuring a new NPC...
Remake of the Lost Werewolf encounter with all new writing (Thanks Taerus). They are now a generated Lost based on available races and have unique win passages based on your corruption and size.
Added content for your home that adapts to your size.
Added mirror inside your home to describe your appearance.

Taerus created a text generator to adapt content based on the many changes that can occur to your character. This includes unique growth segments based on your current size, passages being altered based on your corruption and descriptions considering if your character has certain limbs. (And this is just the beginning, thanks again Taerus)
Added selectable races at the start of the game using Taerus's tech. You can choose between Human, Minotaur, Dragonborn and Behemoth.
The demon transformation from Lakkos's encounter feeds that system as well.
Encounters in the Barrens are now split into two areas based on their difficulty.
Completely removed the level cap, levels are now set to a 5000XP requirement after level 10.
Added "Oath of Containment" and "Oathbreaker" passive abilities.
Added "Unstoppable Expansion" Perk, unlockable at level 10.
Equipped "Unstoppable Expansion" Perk to the Imp.
Added animated title drop when starting the game
Added Taerus as a co-creator in the credits :3
Your eye colour is now based on the colour of your companion.

(Special Build) Added custom races with customizable limbs. (Supports multi and custom descriptors, make sure you have debug mode on at the start of the game)

New logo by Ghost (Thanks again).
New Background, also by Ghost
Tweaked Sidebar Stats display and show passives outside of Fight
New fonts for passages text and fight skill cards

Buffed Lost Entity
Buffed Lakkos's 2nd and 3rd form.
Buffed Sigil of pain damage, but reduced max stacks to 3
Added cooldowns to Growth and Vitality sigils
Buffed Nyx Parasite
Buffed stats gained by the Nyx parasite infestation
Nerfed demon transformation buff slightly

Fixed an issue with fight hotkeys being usable on unavailable Fight Moves
Stopped the imp from learning inspect. He became rather obsessive about it.
Fixed an issue with using a hotkey further than any fight skills you had triggering exceptions
Fixed a bug with enemies using skills without considering their cooldown
Fixed the "Stunned" fight card not using any visuals
Stopped the lost from being a demon... and lost. That's just silly

Thanks again for the support everyone <3

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