Dawn of Corruption 0.3.1 Release Notes


Starting with this version, I wanna simplify the process for releasing public builds. Instead of gathering month old versions and compiling a build with them, I'll be releasing every version publicly one month after they are released on Patreon. That way you know exactly what's coming and when! It also means you'll be getting more builds every month. It also makes releasing versions easier on the dev side, win-win!

So here is a small version that was released for patrons on March 1st. It's a really small one with mostly new UI and little fixes. Felt weird to release a smaller build like that so I went in and added my favorite food in there. Bon Appétit!

Release notes 0.3.1:

-Ghost remade the UI for the borders and icons released in 0.3.0!
-They also made new UI for the sidebar and every Fight Skills type!
-Every UI still changes dynamically based on corruption~

-Added a hotkey system for fight. Pressing the key displayed next to the Fight Skill's name will select it.
-Added delicious Baguettes.

-WIP: polished parts of the intro based on suggestions by Augwult, Korboryn and Taerus!

-Fixed an issue with the parasite's height not being set correctly.
-The Sigil of Perception now says it increases critical hit chance instead of accuracy.
-Added preparation text on all Sigil moves for when an enemy uses them.
-Fixed an issue where tooltips would be printed behind stat bars.
-Fixed a misleading passage for when you lost against the Lost Naga and were too small to lose anymore size.
-Added a 1px border around the font to make it easier to read.

Cheers! Stay tuned for more content coming soon~

Dawn of Corruption 0.3.2 will be released publicly on April 22nd, you can find the info for it and unlock it early here: https://dawnofcorruption.net/


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Apr 01, 2020
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Apr 01, 2020

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