Dawn of Corruption [0.3.4] out for patrons!

As you may know, I release new versions of the game one month in advance for backers on Patreon. 

If you're interested in getting an early access to it or just wanna support the game, check out https://www.patreon.com/sombreve . Either way, this version will be free for everyone next month. Here's what's coming:

Release Notes 0.3.4:

Added Apothus's Realm...
The mirror can now be used to examine your gooey partner's appearance. (Thanks DragonMystic and Pyromania!)
Reworked part of the intro (Thanks Delta-Tango)

Added a feature to compare your size with all other enemies you encountered. You can find it in your home. (Thanks Taerus!)
Added two new fights within Apothus's Realm.
Improved response time when clicking a link.
Acquiring the Nyx Parasite Lord now adds "Summon Parasite" to your moveset
Changed display to fit text better on mobile

Added Apothus as a boss fight with unique moves and abilities.
Added Oath of Nyx Ability

(Special Build) Added an encounter with a most omnipotent being... (Only accessible in the debug menu)

reworked the side panel UI based on designs by Furyalpha123 (Thank you so much!).

Added cap to Essence Hoarder's bonus
Reduced growth bonus of Unstoppable Expansion and Never-ending Growth

Fixed issues with playing the game on some browsers
Fixed an issue where balls grew faster than other limbs
Fixed issue with fight moves with duplicates not showing in move list
Fixed a stat bug triggered by growing Tok
Fixed Lord of Lust transformation glitch with the race name
Fixes an issue with perks requiring low health remaining active after healing
Fixed NPCs not using fight moves that came from abilities

Cheers! Stay tuned and thanks again for the support!


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