Dawn of Corruption 0.3.5 Release Notes

Hello everyone!

Got a variety of fixes and new content all across the board for this version!

First of all, huge thanks to Rethxus for making art for the game! It's so cool to see these characters come to life like that <3

Also, we are starting to upgrade our anatomy and parsing tech to support multiple genders, the new encounter added to this version is our first experiment with that idea. (Thanks Ortha and Pyromania!)

Cheers and thanks again for the support everyone.

Release Notes 0.3.5:


Added new low-level encounter, the slime!
Using the Inspect move now shows the character's art (if they have any)
Extended the parser tech to support female anatomy.
Handle growth on targets without the associated limbs.
Removed crit chance from level up stat screen
Added crit damage multiplier stat

Added Piercing Precision Ability
Added Channel the Astral Soul Ability


Added art for Tok's encounter
Added art for Lost Naga's encounter
Added art for Nyx Parasite's encounter
Added art for Drenth's encounter
Added art for when make the Oath with Drenth
Added art for when you infest Drenth


Fixed display of some sizes.


Buffed Berserking Ability
Buffed Tank Ability
Buffed Deadly Aim Ability
The Imp now starts at 50 corruption.
Reduced base crit rate for the player.
The minotaur no longer respawns at every cycle.


Fixed Incubus Call displaying growth values without multipliers
Fix inspect not showing some abilities
Fixed an issue where Touched by Nyx's Light could give you a negative modifier
Fixed more than 50 typos (Thanks Legdim!)


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Sep 07, 2020
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Sep 07, 2020

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