Dawn of Corruption 0.4.3 Release Notes

Hello everyone!

As the last version of 2020, this one comes with a lot of new writing for both the intro and the path where the player joins Apothus.

Thanks again for the support throughout the year everyone <3

See you soon!

Release Notes 0.4.3:

Expanded the intro after the player merges with Echo and returns to the village.
Added optional battle with a town guard.
Added a new path where you can join Apothus in his quest to ascend his chosen one.
Added XP gain modifier to all abilities acquired with endings.

Added UI art by Voidlesky (More will be coming soon!)

Fixed an issue where non-comboable moves could still be used even if their activation condition were not met.
Fixed a bug triggered by using Incubus Call on the Nyx Parasite.
Fixed an issue where Demonic Appetite would have more unlock conditions than shown in the level up screen.
Fixed an issue where you could look at your symbiote in the mirror before investigating the meteor.
Fixed an issue where ending a fight with Sigils of Perception up would keep them for the next fight.



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Feb 09, 2021

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Question, if I decided to not join and defeated apothus, is there anything left that I can do or I just keep leveling?

That is it for the main storyline currently. Stay tuned!


so when i download the game i just get an html file which kinda defeats the purpose of downloading it instead of playing in the browser because whenever i try to open it it tells me to pick a browser to open it in anyways


After Symbiote collecting:
Me: Bruh... it's been ONE DAY. Go home Grandpa Guard, you old and drunk


>the last version of the 2020

>February 2021

Somethings wrong, i can feel it


Yeah... This was done with the January Patreon release notes hahaha


the cover of this update is looks amazing :D