Dawn of Corruption 0.4.5 Release Notes

Hello everyone!

Got a pretty extensive version this month!
From awesome new UI art by Voidlesky to fight reworks and scene variants, this one's got a bit of everything!

Release Notes 0.4.5:

Redrawing your fight moves now has Stamina cost instead of being available only once per turn
Reworked how attack outcome are displayed
Enemy attacks are now displayed with the same UI as the player.
Fight Skills display is now ordered by combo values
Added 9 small scenes for when the player reaches the gate to explore the Barrens. These will be unlocked once the player changes in certain ways. (4 for the North Gate, 5 for the East Gate)
Improved performance slightly

This version is compatible with save files from version 0.4.4

Combo values now range from 1 to 3 instead of 1 to 4
Changed combo value calculation to promote combo generation
Tweaked the description of Sombreve's Whisper to be more explicit about its effect

New UI rework for combat (By Voidlesky!)

Fixed an issue where Codex's Passion could heal you more than your max HP
Fixed Firefox specific UI display issues
Fixed issues with stuns and combat flow



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Apr 13, 2021
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Apr 13, 2021
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Apr 13, 2021

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