Dawn of Corruption 0.4.9 Release Notes

Hello everyone!
This version is pretty massive!

What started as a simple rework of the imp encounter has grown into a 4k+ words arc that evolves based on many different encounters with him.
It branches out based on how dominant or submissive you act with him. Each path leads to different mechanics as well.
Special thanks to Draco for helping out editing this one <3

I hope you enjoy it!
Thanks again for the support everyone!

Release Notes 0.4.9:


Complete rework of the imp encounter:
It now evolves based on how much you've been fighting him.
It branches off into specific paths after you act submissive/dominant enough with him.
The imp grows slightly stronger every time you encounter him.

Added "Servant of Kanathar" ability (The essence of demon Kanathar flows within you.)
Added "Momentum" ability (Gain 7% more Crit Damage for every damaging attack in your combo.)[Upgradable]
Added "Incorruptible" ability (While your Corruption is below 25, you gain 10% critical chance, 10 strength.)[Upgradable]

Changed valiant rush to boost amount of combo moves per turn instead of action slots.
Added stamina cost (4) to Focus fight move.

Fixed display issues with floating points on stats
Fixed display issue in the description of 'Overwhelming Corruption'
Fixed dialogue pathing issues for some Abel sections

This version is compatible with saves from 0.4.8!



Play in Browser [0.4.9]
Aug 17, 2021
Download Executable [0.4.9] 95 MB
Aug 17, 2021
Download [0.4.9] Zip 426 kB
Aug 17, 2021
Download [0.4.9] HTML 1 MB
Aug 17, 2021

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Sombreve, this shouldn't be implemented yet:

Error: <<if>>: bad conditional expression in <<if>> clause: setup.HasLimb is not a function

<<if setup.HasLimb($CharacterSheet_Player.info.anatomy, "cocks")>> Your dick joins in as well, shooting several ropes of cum far into the sky. \<</if>>

Why did you delete Tok?


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good for me, that I got 18 two months ago.

Ask me, if you need new ideas for the game, I have some; and sorry for any grammar mistakes, I'm German.

I like furry stuff for quite a while now, and now that I'm an adult, I want to start with some accounts, but before that, I want to make some friends, because I have my full charakter design and many, many ideas, but maybe the biggest problems of all ...

I can't draw :-(

Stats become negative!

Any ideas, Sombreve and others?

I can't play anymore, after the first round, this happens!


yeah that’s really unfortunate… I’m checking right now to find what the issue is.

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How can I recruit the Losts on the Eastern Barrens? Do I need the skill "Tainted by the Lost", that I can get at the beginning of the game? Because I had a 0.4.9 save-file on my smartphone for a half week and than it was gone, although I don't deleted it. Could it be, that it was the newest released version when I made the file and then became the 0.4.9 version, so it "self-destructed"?

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Oh, and I downloaded the save-file, I can give it to you, so you can try it yourself, if you need to.

(save-file of the negative stats)

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Hello, I was curious about how to get the chosen ascension ending. It looks like there is four endings in total and I've gotten Apothus, Nyx, and Cray. I think I know where the fourth ending is (if it exists or has been implemented), but the option for it (again if i'm correct) is always barred. As a note though I've really enjoyed this game so far, I really hope I get to see it finished at some point!