Dawn of Corruption 0.5.0 Release Notes

Hello everyone!

I'm really excited for this version <3 
A ton of stuff came together in a really interesting way for the imp, I really hope you enjoy it!
Honestly, with how amazing Voidlesky made those imp assets, I'm super eager to make that the standard for all other encounters.

Thanks again for the support everyone!

Release Notes 0.5.0:

The imp will now join you in combat after making him pledge allegiance to you.
Added 6 height tiers as global ability for all characters.

Leveling up stats now applies different values per stat:
-hp: 6
-stamina: 4
-strength: 3
-arousalGain: 2
-staminaRecovery: 1

Added art (by Voidlesky!) for imp with 3 body size, 6 cock size, 3 expressions and cum variants for all of them.
Added art display with appropriate emote for every branch of the imp's encounter.
Added PridefulAscent fight move for the imp that makes him grow in combat.

This version is compatible with saves from 0.4.9!



Play in Browser [0.5.0]
Sep 16, 2021
Download Executable [0.5.0] 95 MB
Sep 16, 2021
Download [0.5.0] Html 1 MB
Sep 16, 2021
Download [0.5.0] Zip 433 kB
Sep 16, 2021

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The fix is in 0.5.1, not this one.

I work on something for the game, only a "little" feature, but I want your opinion to it.

Can you set a link for the DoC-Wiki on the main site of Dawn of Corruption?

I love the imp changes!  Are there plans for being able to interact with him more after he joins? 


Yeah, that was the focus for 0.5.1, which is available in a month or on patreon.


Are there any plans to add art of Lakkos into the game?

After the imp, I will rework every encounter one by one, including adding art to them.