Dawn of Corruption 0.5.2 Release Notes

Hello everyone!

Got a really exciting version for this month, as its the first part of the new encounter!
I wrote a ton for this one, and while there's still more to come, I'm glad I could have this much in already <3
Big thank you to Draco for helping edit the writing for the version. It means a ton <3

As always, thanks again for the support everyone!

Release Notes 0.5.2:

Added Torgar of the Shattered Peak as a new encounter.
Features unique art by Voidlesky that shift based on his changes (4 bodies, 7 emotes, 6 cocks)
Torgar can sell you new techniques that you can use in battle.
He can also give you the "Empowered Drink" ability if you lose to him early on.
The game tracks what choices you make in his encounter to lead into one of 3 paths that will be expanded on next version.

Added menu to choose which enemy to encounter after meeting them the first time.
Added sound UI (currently unused)
Added "Empowering Drink" Ability
Added Half-Orc race (can be used by the player)


Fixed Stat window collumn being misaligned on some devices
Fixed stats sometimes displaying unnecessary decimals
Fixed the imp using the player's limb descriptors when using sigils
Fixed an issue where some stat changes that happened before a fight were not being applied correctly
This version is NOT compatible with saves from 0.5.1 but you can now restart the game with your Essence and Exp from older saves!



Play in Browser [0.5.2]
Dec 22, 2021
Download Executable [0.5.2] 95 MB
Dec 22, 2021
Download [0.5.2] Html 2 MB
Dec 22, 2021
Download [0.5.2] Zip 464 kB
Dec 22, 2021

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How exactly do you receive your essence and xp from older saves when you restart with this update?

There's a pop-up at the bottom left that lets you reset with your essence and xp.

Where is Torgar?

is it possible to sex up the imp after he has joined your team?

Getting Faith's reward multiple times does not seem to increase it's displayed effects. Not sure if it's just a visual bug or if it actually does not increase. 

Super exited to meet this new character tho~ HYPE!

Just a question, this game somehow will be available on Steam one day? 


It already is <3


O_O I didn't even noticed! Thank you so much for the reply! Already in my library :3