Dawn of Corruption 0.6.0 Release Notes

Got a lot of cool new stuff done for this one. 
I've been thinking about for a long time about ways to make the game encourage players to experience multiple endings and to do many different playthroughs.
The achievement system is something that I fell will help a lot with that. Every achievement will give you a new ability in your next playthrough that will boost your EXP and Essence gain.
I'm really excited about the new tutorial too! I tried to blend a tutorial with a real fight as much as I could, lemme know what you think!

Release Notes 0.6.0:

Added Achievements system.
Every achievement will give a new ability in your next playthrough.
Added "Baptism In Corruption" Achievement (Make an opponent reach over 150 Corruption.)(suggested by Kiuh)
Added "Host of the Spawns" Achievement (Take in 5 spawns of Nyx.)(suggested by Pyro)
Added "Lord of the Spawns" Achievement (Take in 15 spawns of Nyx.)
Added "Might of Augwult" Achievement (Reach 200 Strength.)(suggested by Augwult)
Added "Off The Deep End" Achievement (Reach 200 Corruption.)
Added "Submissive Fighter" Achievement (Lose a battle to 5 different opponents.) (suggested by MoroccanWarrior)

All previous "Memories of ..." Abilities have been reworked into Achievements.

Added Wounded Lost as a tutorial battle with 3 unique fight moves and optional tutorials.
Tweaked the intro's writing to be closer in tone with the rest of the game.
Players will now start later in the intro after doing a newgame+


Added placeholder art in the northern barrens exploration menu.


Added borders to in-game CG Illustrations. (by Voidlesky!)
Added new Achievement menu icons (by Voidlesky!)
Tweaked UI for combat cards container window.
Added UI for the Link Value of cards (by Voidlesky!)

Added tooltips on hover to give info on every icon of the fight move cards.

You need need to have merge with Echo in order to get the "Vampiric Lust" ability
Fixed an issue where you would always top Torgar, even when choosing the bottom options.
Fixed an issue where Torgar's store could be closed before buying all moves.
Fixed the display of some ability modifiers.
Fixed "Faith's Reward" behaving strangely when gaining Corruption.

(Special Build) Fixed debug start for Nyx Parasite leading to a bad passage.

This version is NOT compatible with saves from 0.5.3 but you can now restart the game with your Essence and Exp from older saves!





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Feb 21, 2022
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Feb 21, 2022
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Feb 21, 2022
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Feb 21, 2022

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Is there no rewards for the tops? I love topping Torgar with my Half-Orc. Something like "half-orc breeder" would be nice. <3

How many times can you fight the imp until "Servent Of Kanathar" is maxed out? 

I'm also locked because I think I did things in the wrong order and I can't progress anymore to get an ending lol.

I feel that I somehow ended up softlocked. The big bad is rampaging but I don't see any way to do anything else now/

That's currently where the main story content ends, but I really need to get back and add a temporary ending here. At least for until I get to rework the Nyx dungeon.

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