Dawn of Corruption 0.6.1 Release Notes

Hello everyone!

Got a lot of really great content this version. If you've enjoyed Kanathar's arc so far, you won't wanna miss it.
On top of two new endings, this build aims to bring the Nyx storyline to Kanathar's arc in an interesting way.
It also aims to grant extra scenes that only happens in playthroughs that unlocked certain endings.
Huge thanks to Dragonien for helping with the writing on this one and to Voidlesky for the art. <3

Release Notes 0.6.1:

Both imp paths (Dominant and submissive) can now be accessed either by winning or losing against him.
After reaching Apothus's Manor, you can now go to Kanathar (in his dominant path) and tell him about Nyx.

Kanathar will then invade the realm of Nyx once and take The Black Sun for himself.
Whether you win or lose against an empowered version of the imp determines the ending you'll get.
If you lose against him, Kanathar will empower his name, triggering a powerful transformation on himself once he learns his name in future playthroughs.

Added an easter egg if the player calls their character a certain name.

Added "Damnatory Knowledge" Achievement (Spread forbidden knowledge to your master.)
Added "Memories of Kanathar" Achievement (Allow Kanathar to ascend into a corrupted god.)
Added "Memories of Demonic Ascent" Achievement (Merge with Kanathar as he ascends into a corrupted god.)
Added "Word of Power" Achievement (Spread the name of a demon god.)

Achievements are now transferred when upgrading a save of an old version.
Added Autosave slot that triggers for every passed ingame day.

(Special Builds) Custom Races can now have custom starting values for each size stats.

Added Kanathar's corrupted ascension art (by Voidlesky!)

Fixed Faiths Reward's Stat Loss being triggered when losing corruption.
Fixed an issue where triggering an ending would reset your race to human.
Fixed alignement issue of size stats that were long enough to not fit in a single line.

This version is NOT compatible with saves from 0.6.0 but you can now restart the game with your Essence, Achievements and Exp from older saves!



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Mar 20, 2022
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Mar 20, 2022
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Mar 20, 2022
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Mar 20, 2022

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Has anyone found the easter egg yet?

ok im so confused, i unlocked all achievements except for word of power. What am I missing? Also, warning for people who like to use Torgar, if your not careful on his choices you can lock his progress. I dont know how I did it but in one of my saves he was unable to redeem himself and unable to be further corrupted. I will play around with it to figure that out.


Sombreve, can you please update the DoC-wiki?
it's still on version 0.5.0!

Awesome! looking forward to the new content :D keep up the great work


how does one make a custom race?

and oooooh, cant wait for the dominant paths to be expanded!

you need the highest rank of Patreon support


hope someday it's openly available haha


hoping that too, want a dragon with two cocks