Dawn of Corruption 0.7.0 Release Notes

Hello everyone!

This is probably the biggest version in a long time, I hope you like all the new additions!

It comes with a rework of the minotaur boss encounter, adds him to the nyx dungeon as an NPC and even has a new ending where you share the power of the black sun with him~

That's just the start though, it also has new voice acting to Torgar, new art for the minotaur and new ability UI that makes them feel way less cluttered and easier to navigate.

Cheers and thanks again for the support. Stay tuned for more cool stuff coming next month <3

Release Notes 0.7.0:


Reworked the path to the Nyx dungeon and the minotaur encounter.

-Features text input from the player that determines how the encounter goes. (with fun easter eggs.)

-The minotaur now leads you to the dungeon and stays in the main hall.

-While there, his lust gradually increases as you explore or spend days outside the dungeon.

-Added new ending where you share the power of the black sun with the minotaur. (With writing by Dragonien! https://www.furaffinity.net/user/dragonien/)

Reworked Abilities UI to now filter them into 4 categories.

-Powers (Abilities acquired on level up)

-Alterations (Abilities given by story characters and events)

-Status Effects (Abilities given by fight moves, usually end when the fight is over)

-Global Effects (global abilities that are acquired by any character meeting their conditions. size diff, effects from visible stars, etc)

Added notification system for newly acquired abilities

Added "Promise of Servitude" Ability

Added "Safe Passage" Achievement (Skip the minotaur fight by telling him the right name.)

Added "Memories of the Minotaur" Achievement (Bring the power of Nyx to the minotaur.)


Added minotaur art (by Zhenelov https://twitter.com/Zhenelov)


Added Torgar Voice Acting (by GiganticBeast https://twitter.com/Gigantic_Beast)

Audio audio settings to adjust music, sfx and voices individually


Fixed an issue where player would be locked by an error when uttering Kanathar's name

This version is NOT compatible with saves from 0.6.5 but you can now restart the game with your Essence, Achievements and Exp from older saves!





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Sep 25, 2022

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im lost i have no idea what the minotaur's name is


Pardon my ask, but how do I learn the minotaur's name?


Very good update! This game just keeps getting better and hotter each update


The time has cum