Dawn of Corruption 0.7.2 Release Notes

Hello everyone!

Big big big version for this month!

I finally feel like the game is truly in a production state right now.

New music, new art, new encounter and a pretty big list of tweaks/fixes are all here!

Honestly, I'm pretty proud of this one, it's cool to see the game taking shape like that.

I hope you enjoy~

Thanks again for the support. Stay tuned for more cool stuff coming next month <3

Release Notes 0.7.2:


Added doppelganger encounter in the Nyx dungeon. (Thanks to https://twitter.com/RainTheDriger for helping with the writing on this one)

-Meet an alternate version of yourself, who uses your stats, moves and abilities against you.

-This encounter has completely different writing based on whether your character is corrupted or not.

-His voice is always the one that the player didn't pick in character creation.

-Defeating the corrupted version grants the "Disciplined" ability

-Defeating the pure version grants the "Defiler" ability

Added "Shifting Ideals" achievement (Encounter both sides of the doppelganger.)

Added "Explorer of Corrupted Depths" achievement (Complete every room of Nyx's castle.)

Tweaked "Incomplete Memories" ending

Defeating Apothus's second form now leads to the "Incomplete Memories" ending.

Added first pass toward Steam Deck compatibility

-The is fully playable but I still have to work on making the combat control better on Deck.

Autosave is now applied in the Nyx castle main hall.

Your progress towards powering the monolith is now also shown from the manor's hub.

The minotaur will now have his lust increased with every room of the west wing that you clear.


Apothus art has been reworked (by https://twitter.com/Wintech3112)

-It features 6 emotes and 3 bodies.


New battle theme for harder encounters (by https://twitter.com/notardolf)


Fixed display issues when many abilities are activated by the same trigger.

Fixed cock and muscle growth descriptions sometimes not displaying.

Fixed Drenth showing up in the castle even after finishing his quest line.

Fixed a never-ending audio cue in one of the minotaur dialogues.

This version is NOT compatible with saves from 0.7.1 but you can now restart the game with your Essence, Achievements and Exp from older saves!





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Nov 21, 2022
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Nov 21, 2022

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Thank you! I love this game

Want to see more content about the main storyline (⁠๑⁠•⁠﹏⁠•⁠)

Enjoyed the new contents as always!! Thank you very much!! :D

Thank you~

Thank you for all of your hard work!