Dawn of Corruption 0.7.3 Release Notes

Hello everyone!

I've been pretty inspired to work on some game design aspects of the game this month. 

As we make more content, it's important to make the game deliver it all in the best way possible, and I feel like combat is an area that deserved some love.

It's been really fun and rewarding to go deep into game design again, I hope you enjoy the new additions!

Thanks again for the support. Stay tuned for more cool stuff coming next month <3

Release Notes 0.7.3:


The Stamina stat and its uses have been completely reworked.

-You have full stamina at the start of every turn.

-You can spend stamina to draw additional attack cards for the turn, this replaces the redraw action. The cost increases the more you do it.

-You can spend stamina to add additional action slots to your combo. The cost increases the more you do it.

-Offensive moves have been balanced to cost more action slots, while passive moves cost less.

-The "Stamina Recovery" stat has been removed.

-All abilities giving "Stamina Recovery" have been reworked.

"Unique Attacks" (Stomp, Ensnaring Goo, etc) have been reworked to be usable once per turn in any part of your combo (with the * combo value).

-Their cost have been increased to compensate. 

-They are still affected by cooldowns.

Attacks now have a damage multiplier on top of their base damage.

-This makes expensive attacks scale better in the mid-late game.

Added "First Strike" attack that's unlocked upon reaching level 4 (Must be used as the first move of a combo.)

Added "Enraged Pummel" attack that's unlocked upon reaching level 7 (Can only be comboed after 2 or more moves.)

"Summon Parasite" is now a comboable move instead of a unique one.

All four size stats (Height, Muscles, Cock, Balls) are now capped.

-These caps can be increased in the "Modify Metabolism" menu that's unlocked upon acquiring Echo.

-Spending a Limit Break on a size stat increases its limit.

-Limit Breaks are acquired every other level.

-Limit Breaks can be redistributed at any point.

-Up to 50 limit breaks can be applied to each stat.

Added six global size tier abilities for muscles, cock and balls size.

-Any character can acquire them once reaching a certain threshold for those stats.

-Height and muscle tiers grant strength.

-Cock and balls tiers grant stamina.

Passage links are now set under the main window.

-Passage links can now be activated using number hotkeys.

UI has be reworked to handle different resolutions better.

The ability window has been reworked. (Huge thanks to https://twitter.com/the_musclemage for this!)


Tweaked values for muscle descriptors


Fixed an issue where telling the right name to the minotaur guard wouldn't work in NewGame+.

Fixed a passage where The Bind wouldn't apply growth that was mentioned in the writing.

Fixed stat window taking the whole screen on some mobile browsers.

Fixed bottom of UI being hidden on some mobile browsers.

This version is NOT compatible with saves from 0.7.2 but you can now restart the game with your Essence, Achievements and Exp from older saves!





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Dec 20, 2022
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Dec 20, 2022
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Dec 20, 2022
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Dec 20, 2022

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I'm going to have to point this out. Now that there are size caps, all the " Powers of Growth" Skills you previously could level up are completely irrelevant. You're gonna have to completely get rid of all of them now.

Maybe have a "Limit Breaker" tree instead that boosts how many limit breaks you get each two levels or multiplies the max size for each limiter. Muscles, Height, and both sizes. Four skills a piece, each adds another multiplier. (2->5 times max size.)

Just a few good strikes with the Growth Sigil from Togar is enough to cap out anything. Especially if you got like 500+ strength. BTW, tons of ups, easily hit over 1000 strength. Everything is dying in one hit.


After playing with it a bunch, I agree that it makes growth build stop in their tracks. I'll work on making them feel more rewarding.

(1 edit) (+1)

I've noticed a few bugs in this build:

* If you use both Focus and Essence Surge in a battle, only one of the two effects expires when the battle ends (the one that's listed higher up on the abilities list is the one that expires).
* If the Enraged Pommel move is used in a combo, an error message of "Error: <<run>>: bad evaluation: his is not defined" is displayed, and none of the player's abilities used in that combo activate that turn (the opponent's turn progresses as normal).
* Essence Surge's card is listing as having a critical hit chance, even though it's not an attack (and doesn't appear to interact with critical hit mechanics).
* Ensnaring Goo does not have its intended cooldown; the attack can be selected and used on consecutive turns.
* Several of the attacks do not seem to calculate their base damage according to the formula displayed in the corresponding tooltip.  For instance, the tooltip for Ensnaring Goo's damage lists Strength-based damage and 8 bonus damage, but it only delivers a fixed 8 base damage (before crit and Pain sigil) regardless of the player's Strength.
* Under some circumstances, drawing a card while there are cards selected to be used in a combo will cause the cards to become "stuck".  Those cards remain visually selected in the UI, even after the "clear" button is pressed, but those cards don't become mechanically selected when clicked, and they are not used at all when the combo is executed.  It might be necessary to clear the combo after drawing a card as an additional step to reproduce this bug.
* The XP bar doesn't seem to be filling up proportionally to the progress towards the next level.  The calculation for its fill percentage might be using the wrong variables.


Really glad to see size stats are capped now! My character's balls growing bigger than the Earth back then truly gave me a good laugh. Much appreciated!


W Update



One thing i found interesting since you introduced the minotaur name thing.

The game having shorter replay cycles, but quests requiring multiple reruns might make it more fun, reducing the amount of grinding to get your full build so you can run through the whole game


I'd like it if it slowly (at first) progressed from a single cycle of many quests to quests spanning multiple cycles, with the more achievements you get


Thanks for your hard work!


Haven't played in awhile, but this sounds really impressive reworking!

One thing I thought of that you could add, is upon new game+ ing, to allow the toggling on and off of the bonuses the achievements grant you.  These choices would be permanent for the current playthrough.  I only suggest this because too many of the bonuses make things too easy currently, may grant bonuses to undesired stats, or to allow for players to challenge themselves.  The achievements story wise could still be considered active, only the stat buffs are not granted.


I have something in that vein planned.