Dawn of Corruption 0.7.4 Release Notes

Hey everyone~

For the last release of the 2022, I wanted to really build upon everything that was added before, while also making the game faster and smoother than ever.

Huge thanks to Rain/Dragonien for the help on the writing and MuscleMage for the UI work too!

Happy holidays everyone, wishing you all good health and a much deserved break after this crazy year <3

Release Notes 0.7.4:


Glory Hole room has been added to the Nyx dungeon.

-Features 3 variants for cock sizes.

-Features unique variant for players infested with Nyx Spawns.

-The outcome of this room affects a character in another room of the dungeon.

Added Overgrowth feature to growth caps.

-When trying to grow beyond your current limit, part of that growth will now be converted into Essence.

-You can consume the accumulated Essence in the "Modify Metabolism" menu.

Vastly improved performance and time to load passages (about 2.5 times faster on most devices)

Completely new modern UI has been added to the backgrounds, stats window, choices window and passage links.


Rebalanced all enemy encounters

Nerfed "First Strike" damage multiplier (from 2.5x to 1.9x)

Nerfed "Enraged Pummel" damage multiplier (from 2x to 1.6x)

This version is NOT compatible with saves from 0.7.3 but you can now restart the game with your Essence, Achievements and Exp from older saves.

Tons of optimizations were made on handling save data for this version, this means that some saves might be impossible to upgrade.  My apologies!





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Jan 24, 2023
Download Executable [0.7.4] 95 MB
Jan 24, 2023
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Jan 24, 2023
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Jan 24, 2023

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Thank you for the updates love the game :)

Looking forward to that triple the limit breaks. Hopefully that's gonna make the growth aspect of the game viable again.


I appreciate it wasn't the focus of this update, but kind of disappointed the limit break system was left as is.  It's so grindy to get any decent size now and all the growth perks are pointless.  I keep going back to 7.2.  It seems like you're forcing players to play how you want them to, whether they want that or not.

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it's been tweaked in 0.7.5


Nice. By triple though I hope you mean you get at least one every level and not that you get three every other.

W Game

ok I played this game to level 14 saved and closed now the ALL saves as i had 2 main saves and the auto save are all corrupt 

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Yeah that's a big issue with this version, really sorry about that.

It has been fixed in 0.7.5


Yeah I ran into that as well. It was really bad because I accidentally reloaded the web page (I'm playing on a tablet in Chrome off of your website) and when that happened it tried to load the autosave which was corrupted and caused a fatal end of the game. Quite a bummer because I was enjoying the tweaks I had experienced so far up to that point. But at this point I kind of think I'm ready to just go ahead and throw some money at you so I can get that latest version too haha