Dawn of Corruption 0.7.5 Release Notes

Hey everyone~

The incubus rework is here!

It's been on my mind for the longest time, so it feels good to finally have it out there.

The Bind also get some love this month. Huge thanks to Winty and Deriaz for his art <3 

The bump in quality from their work is honestly super inspiring. 

I gotta step up my writing so it keeps up with them lol.

Also huge thanks to MuscleMage for the help on the UI for the last few versions, he's a genius with that stuff!

Things are truly coming together, it's really really exciting. <3

Cheers everyone, and thanks again for the support!

Release Notes 0.7.5:


Reworked incubus encounter completely.

-He now called Erthex, the incubus.

-Features unique passages before and after each stages of your demonic transformation.

-He can now join your party after you defeat him as a Lord of Lust.

-Defeating him after he joined you grants the "Lust Incarnate" ability.

Added the option to have the choices be either inside the main window or at the bottom of it.

Added missing variant for hyper sized cocks in the glory hole room of the castle.

Adjust character portraits so that they float to the side to allow text to flow around them. (Thanks MuscleMage!)


Added art showcasing The Bind as a ring before his encounter (Thanks Deriaz!)

Added wip character art for The Bind (Thanks Winty!)


Fixed an issue loading a saved game after rebooting the game.

Fixed broken choice window in Firefox. (Thanks MuscleMage!)

Fixed broken narrative events in some of Abel's dialogues.

Fixed an issue with cancelling limit breaks after removing points from stats.

Fixed display bug in the description of Last Stand.

Fixed a display issue with one of Apothus 2nd form's attack.


Tripled the amount of Limit Breaks gained by leveling up.

This version is NOT compatible with saves from but you can restart the game with your Essence, Achievements and Exp from older saves.





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Feb 28, 2023
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Feb 28, 2023
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Feb 28, 2023
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Feb 28, 2023

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Absolute 10/10 game

Kanathar is deffinitely my favoruite, would love to see his story develop some more!


I hope we get more characters like torgar with a storyline that is not tied to the main storyline. Sort of just a gallery of storylines. The resetting is kind of a neat feature actually, it lets you start over growing again and again.


It is great the perfecting you are doing of the systems, but with each update my concern over the continued plot grows, because it keeps feeling like you are piling things as a means to compensate.  Don't let me despair you though, I simply will not rest until we can bring The Wolf home.  I cannot say that I want for complete purity, but I do strive for the light in terms of morals.  Above all else, you having fun creating this is what is most important, and I care far more that the game runs smoothly without errors or bugs than being complete.  For those issues would make it difficult to apricate anything new as they would get in the way.

Your not trying to, but you sure do know how to tease me!


Keeps getting better and better