Dawn of Corruption 0.7.6 Release Notes

Hey everyone~

Sorry again for the delay in this release, still there's a lot of fun new stuff in this build that I'm excited to share.

Hopefully it will be worth the wait!

Now that the game has well-established encounters, it's time to tie them to the main story. 

This is the first pass to implement this idea, where an NPC gives you quests and challenges that lead the player to fight encounters more than once.

The goal is to show the story progression that occurs when fighting encounters multiple times, making them see the changes they go through.

I also added a little challenge to unlocking Echo, which can be accomplished through different means.

This is something I want to expand upon in later builds too, giving possible solutions for many different builds.

All around, this was challenging to implement, but I now have a workflow I'm pretty happy with.

So expect more similarly structured "quests" soon!

Cheers, everyone, and thanks again for the support!

Release Notes 0.7.6:


Shortened slightly to let plot devices be a part of systemic quest flow instead.

Player now becomes an explorer instead of a scavenger after the intro.

The Meteor falling in the Barrens is now a systemic event triggered after exploring for a few days.

Added quest to cross a corrupted lake in order to investigate the meteor.

-There are many different ways to succeed this task, either through growth or wit.

Added Lukka as a NPC in the Bastion. He is an alchemist who is studying Corruption.

Added quest given by Lukka to find Demonic Essence for him to study its relationship to Corruption.

-Leads to being tasked to gather Essence from any Demon encounter. (Imp or Ethrex)

Added win variants for the Imp and Ethrex that refer to Lukka's questline.

Added "Lukka's Essence Reservoir" Ability.

Added "Demonic Essence Shard" Ability.

You no longer need Echo to modify your metabolism.

Display improvements for mobile (portrait and landscape mode)

Display now adapts to device orientation changes.


Fixed broken passages in The Bind's encounter.

Fixed bad passage transition in Doppleganger encounter.

Fixed an issue where using the passage choice hotkey would break Tiadane's riddle.

Fixed an issue where players couldn't share their knowledge of Nyx to Kanathar.

This version is NOT compatible with saves from 0.7.5 but you can restart the game with your Essence, Achievements and Exp from older saves.





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I'm a little lost, after defeating Apotheus the game resets automatically? is it a game of making different endings?


is echo mandatory for the storyline?

Thank you for your hard work!