Dawn of Corruption 0.7.10 Release Notes

Hey everyone~

Got some more work done on the Lost Prisoner this month. 

He will show up in the Barrens as a new encounter after escaping from the Bastion's prison.

There's still some more work to be done on him but you will still get to experience some fun moments with him~

Other than that, this new build truly has a bit of everything! New art, audio, writing and even a new fight move!

I'm really happy with the writing on this one, I'll do my best to reach at least this level of quality for future version~

I hope you enjoy this version, and thanks again for the support!

Release Notes 0.7.10:


Added new encounter featuring the "Lost Prisoner".

-This encounter appears in the Barrens after he escapes from the Golden Bastion.

-Still wip, but features most of his progression.

-Uses the "Unnatural Growth" which doubles his strength and size for the remainder of the fight.

Implemented art for the Lost Prisoner, featuring 4 emotes and other assets~

-Implemented for the intro, prison scenes and encounter.

Added voice acting for The Bind. (Voiced by Mithane!)

-His voice changes based on his arousal and his size.

Added "Ascended Prisoner" Achievement that teaches you "Unnatural Growth" in future playthroughs.


Added character art of the Lost Prisoner(By Winty!).


Fix debug menu being inaccessible on some mobile setups.

Fixed parts of Torgar encounter growing the wrong stats.

Fixed passages for The Bind showing his art twice.

Fixed an issue where players could get stuck in an incomplete path in Torgar's encounter.

This version is NOT compatible with saves from 0.7.9 but you can restart the game with your Essence, Achievements and Exp from older saves.





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Muscles stat disappears at tier 5. The stat reappears for tier 6. Played on browser.


Okay, I don't know if it's me, but the save files keep disappearing.
I know I did a run yesterday, got upwards of 17 achievements first run. (Basically everything you can get in one run.)
Did a save, (I keep using save file 1, delete old progress and save a new file.)
AND IT'S GONE. I know the file was there cause I used a load after starting run 2. Deleted run 1 and saved the new game+.

What is going on here? I'm using the browser game link on the main page.