Dawn of Corruption 0.7.11 Release Notes

Hey everyone~

Got some fun stuff done for this month! 

First of all, I finished what I wanted to do for the Lost Prisoner encounter. 

He'll be able to join your party and give you some personal moments, including some special scenes of players infested with Nyx Spawns~

I also have some audio work to do for the Lost Naga, got a full voice acting pass that adapts to his size and arousal.

There's some really hot stuff in this build, I hope you like it~

Thanks again for the support!

Release Notes 0.7.11:


Added "Apex Predator" ability that grants you size for every batte you win.

-It also grants the "Unnatural Growth" fight move (instead of the "Ascended Prisoner" achievement).

Added new content after ascending the Lost Prisoner

-Lets you have intimate moments with him (dominant or submissive)

-Whoever is dominant learns the "Apex Predator" ability at the end of the encounter.

-He can now join you in battle.

-He can tell you directly where the entrance to Nyx's Realm is so you can find it in your next expedition.

-You can spar him at any time.

-You can change his attack timing like other teammates.

Added audio to the Lost Naga. (Voiced by Mithane!)

-His voice changes based on his arousal and his size.


Added ascended character art of the Lost Prisoner(By Winty!).

-Includes infested variant

This version is NOT compatible with saves from 0.7.10 but you can restart the game with your Essence, Achievements and Exp from older saves.





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Woo! More Nyx Spawn content! ❤️

I remember that there was an ending saying meeting with a huge snake. He says our symbiote saved him and made him such a hyper naga. Does that sill exist or just get deleted?

I shelved it while it's being reworked.