Dawn of Corruption 0.8.0 Release Notes

Hey everyone~

Got something big coming for this one. I've been meaning to tweak combat for the longest time now, mainly to fix three big issues I had with the old design.

-There were too many inputs required for small/unimportant decisions.

-The whole passage for the fight reloads with every attack, which resets the viewpoint of the player and takes some time to load.

-With long combos, the resulting page has too much text to process, making it bloated and unenticing.

So I sat down and tweak how combat flows and how moves are picked.

I feel like this is much more elegant than before, and while it still needs some tweaks here and there, it already feels a lot better than the old system.

Thanks again for the support and see you next month~

Release Notes 0.8.0:


Reworked combat entirely.

-Fight moves are now added to a timeline associated to each character.

-The timeline keeps a detailed history of moves that happened so far.

-Stronger moves take more time to execute, giving your opponent the opportunity to do more moves against you, and vice versa.

-The Stamina stat has been reworked into the Prowess stat. It now lowers how much time moves take in the timeline.

-Stamina cost has been removed from fight moves.

-Moves are executed as they are picked, instead of being put in a combo.

-Every time a move is selected, you receive a new set of moves to pick from.

-Combat now happens through a single passage, making inputs much faster.

-Removed stack limit for sigil moves since they now have an impact on the timeline.

-The "Do Nothing" move uses 1 action cost, letting you delay your timeline slightly when needed.

-Momentum now scales based on the length of your timeline.

-Stuns now give a temporary Prowess debuff instead of chaging your moveset.

-The "inspect" feature pops in a seperate window once clicked.

-Lowered corruption needed to see special scenes in the nyx dungeon (200 from 500)


-Fixed an issue where only the imp and torgar's art were shown when inspecting them.

This version is NOT compatible with saves from 0.7.11 but you can restart the game with your Essence, Achievements and Exp from older saves.





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Here are my thoughts for the new combat system as someone with all achievements.

New Game+: Very easy. An even easier late game with how sigils and buffs stack with the new combat system. Any builds work at this point.

New Account

1. PURE:

Painfully difficult to start. The only enemy you can beat, as pure, is the slime and that's if you don't change the size of the slime. You're forced to add points into Prowess until level 5 before tackling Torgar and The Bind, eventually to level 15 with hyper endowed and tank (or berserking). You'll also want the level 10 cock ring buff or spam the Sigil of Growth infinite stack exploit thanks to the new timeline combat system. For limit breaks, you respectively get 7 cock size, 6 ball size or 5 muscles, and 6~7 height for last.


 As corrupt, most things don't matter. You still need Prowess, but you eventually get OP corruption skills for damage. Combined with Sigil of Growth, you get all the size and stat growth you need. Echo is optional and muddles your skill list, to be honest.

I completely hate the new combat system. I am completely wiped out in two moves at level one or two by Torgar. I see people are grinding the slime to get to level five and I'm not really interested in doing that. I thought the old system was pretty good other than the possibility of getting too many redundant copies, or too many moves that had the same number. (All you needed to do was bring back an expensive stamina cost reshuffle option would it fix that nicely). 

Always exciting to see new updates. Hopefully I can get back to playing soon.

I'd still like to see more options/interactions/paths with most of the characters, and definitely would like to see some more Nyx Parasites options. It'd also be cool to see some more evil options that don't result in a game over. I can totally take over the golden bastion WITHOUT destroying the world immediately. XD

That said, I recall a lot of grammar/spelling errors. If you have need of a proofreader, I can compile a list of suggestions?

Just a couple of heads ups with the combat changes;

1. Faith's reward's first tier mentions prowess now, but each following one still mentions stamina

2. Drawing too many cards just breaks on android browser (or at least my android tablet), instead overflowing off the screen where they're inaccessible


Welcome to slime killing simulator. (Grind that EXP!)
I'm sure the combat changes are "GREAT" when you have all the bonuses from previous plays. (When your prowess makes you fast as Sonic)
But starting out... You are WEAK. Multiple enemy attacks to your one move.
You really understand how much the combo system helped out in the early runs. Cause now with you being so slow, the enemy now has it!
Then there's the HP difference in early runs. It's like the enemies (outside of slimes) are near unbeatable for fresh runs.
Like I said, having all the bonuses probly tilts the scales back in your favor. But fresh runs, they are HEAVILY tilted against you.

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Agreed. Without knowing about the combat changes I thought I thought combat had straight broken. Turns out the changes were intentional I guess. 

After understanding the changes now combat seems completely impossible without spamming slime fights. Even if you manage to beat Torgar, The Bind, or the imp they rapidly out scale your own growth which forces you right back to the slime. I'm assuming this is to make combat perks more valuable but my previous Arousal healing build is utterly pointless in the new system instead. Torgar and the imp had quickly scaled to 50+ damage per attack  by level 5 for me which utterly negated any and all healing I could possibly do. It seems like you literally just have to max out berserker and hope you can one shot anything with first strike before it gets a turn. 

Edit: That's not to say the new system is bad, I'm fine with an ATB system, but the current numbers feel nearly unplayable without just stacking basic combat perks instead of any other category.


Well, the struggle is getting to about level 5 or so. Now I'm having an easier time. But you gotta focus on speed (Prowess) first now. And really good RNG. Now that I can focus on the growth, I think It'll be easier.

Im down

Combat system changes are good

Makes a decent change vs all that purchasing of combo points and cards.