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Okayyyy~ enjoy it so far but one question.

Does reborn after ending don't need us to choose race anymore? Cause mine is werewolf and end up human second run???

Another mystery by Nyx i guess hahahah

I fixed that bug in 0.6.1, sorry for the troubles 😅

Patiently but eagerly waiting for the next update!

I'm getting it ready right now <3


Wait, does high corruption act as an exoskeleton? Because if corruption will be going down after a while, but the growth you've gained will stay (did I get it right? idk), it conflicts with the moment when you collect corruption from the Lost, and it says they return to their original size and form, without any gains from being so corrupted. So, am I wrong, and will the size gained from corruption also disappear? And if it will not, why do Lost lose their size when you make them normal? Does having a symbiote actually have a point in lore, as it makes your size gains stay, despite being uncorrupted?

The scenes with the Lost are gonna be reworked to fit the new Corruption design. The idea is that Corruption is temporary but the size it grants stays with you.

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Alright guy, 0.6.0 release note i read so far is...

Save from 0.5.3 is not compatible with it

Start new game plus by use exp and essence from last build, I  Recommend everyone gather exp as much as you can.

Achievement coming : ) this time you use more time to get it all for sure hahaha~

I post this if someone lazy to read note in other website.

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I remember there being an ability that you could select in the level-up screen that permanently increased how many moves you could combo up as well as how many moves you could have at once, was that replaced by focus, or is it still in the game?

Not sure, still waiting on the update. It should be any day now.  IM SO EXCITED!

iM  sO Op

7ft 1.5in compared to your Height of 8ft 5in, how do you even walk around with that thing??? Lol

my dog saw it and now he's doing the nae nae over the orphans in my basement

here take a look

I'm so op

So i ran into a bug that my strength goes into the negatives each time my stat gets too big, is this going to be fixed soon?

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So i have tried to load my last load at 0.5.2 but instead of succes i experience "Fatal Error" on the game version 0.5.3 idk why but i have tried back at 0.5.2 and it work. Just for info the load i test is already Complete all the "Feeding Essence" expect for 1200 Essence for imp

Pls help

I would like content to bottom for imp to

Oh imp love <3 I think submitting in the fight has you bottoming, kind of?

Im sure will get it soon, maybe in the next update.


Are there any plans on what is gonna happen with the big version of the imp? Would love to bottom for him and other characters here

More imp content will be coming VERY soon~


Is there any guide for this game? Because i try to get the 4 arms torgar but i don't know how

He is not implemented in the game yet.



Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'startBehaviourInstructions').


Save from 0.5.2

Need help!!

if you move to a different passage after getting that error it should fix itself.

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Please if anyone can help me Im a little confuse on the story, I dont know my main goal or is there even one, I dont know where and what to do, currently Im just fighting anyone then gain exp, please enlighten me on how to properly play the game


as far as i can tell, the story is basically just the starting events before it becomes fully open exploration in its current version, i just started playing this a couple days ago myself. the main goal in it's current form appears to be just gaining levels and exploring, interacting, and fighting until you're strong enough to find more interesting characters, locations, and events. 

so far ive found that in order to do more things in the game, you basically need to grind levels and gain skills until you can defeat most basic enemies that you come across. you never really gain anything from losing to enemies with only a couple exceptions, but defeating them gives you more options for fun, growth, and corruption. and a lot of the really fun stuff ive found in this game is centered on your character gaining as much corruption and growth as possible. 

story-wise this feels very much like the main plot is still in progress, but there does seem to be a major story plot-point in the Cult of Nyx, dont wanna spoil it too much beyond that though

 Hi, where can I get the Sun's Power to give to the minotaur guard at The Nyx's hideout, I'm having trouble finding it. Because you seem to know the game well so I really hope you could help. I want to continue the storyline  after give him what he need, I feel bad killing him. 

Thank you if you could answer me this lil' question. 

based on everything ive read so far in the update release notes and everything ive played in this game so far, helping out the mino-guard hasnt been implemented yet. i switched from playing the Free version here (5.3) to playing the more recent Patreon Version (6.0) but still only have the one option of letting his soul free with that poor guy. the other option still says "not implemented yet" im afraid

im not worried though, the game is very much still in production and i can only imagine the kinds of upcoming content that will be coming! <3 <3

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Hey, is there a place to report bugs?

I picked up the Faith’s Reward ability, but it seems to be applying -2 strength every time I fight anything, even if I flee or there was no corruption involved?

I’m playing 5.3 from the link here on itch.

i read on the Release notes for the Patreon-tier version of this game that this bug was fixed for version 6.0. since this free version is basically just an older version of the game, prolly just gonna have to wait for version 6.0 to become free in February or purchase it/pay into his Patreon beforehand, theres more content in that version according to the release notes anyways so im thinking of leaving 5.3 behind <3

Ah, nice. Thanks for the info.

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Yeah. 😞

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EDIT: realized after reading into the game some more that the Free version here is 5.3, but theres more options in the more up-to-date Patreon/Gumroad release version 6.0, i'm planning on trying v6.0 out soon and seeing how much improved the corruption mechanic is on a more current version of this sexy game <3

just started playing this today for the first time, love a lot of the sexy scenes and corrupted awesomeness!! but theres something that has me confused, aside from the very first scene with the town being attacked, i havnt gained any corruption since, even going straight to the Eastern Barrens and purposefully losing fights, the counter remains at zero. nothing i do seems to increase the corruption counter, is this a glitch or do i only gain corruption from certain things?

im playing the "play in browser" version linked on this page with a werewolf character if that helps

corruption is a lot harder to get atm, i think a new system is being tested

ahh cool, was just curious since it feels a little weird engaging in TOTALLY corrupt things and events, and glancing over and seeing my corruption remain at 0 and the "uncorrupted" perk stay the same. it feels like my character could literally endure an orgy of Demons and Lost and come out squeaky clean somehow XD

the frustrating part im finding is my character really isnt strong enough yet to win against anything in the Eastern Barrens, and losing to the Lost and that Demon doesnt raise corruption but im not yet strong enough to find out if winning against them will give me options to increase corruption. so it feels like i really got no choice but to try and grind levels and get my dude bigger and stronger, THEN see if i can find things to do to corrupt him, then try to do those corruption events one-after-the-other so i dont lose too much corruption in between in hopes of reaching the level where it doesnt drop anymore.

well if it's a new system for Corruption then hopefully me giving my input will be noticed and will help the developers and stuff, despite the weirdness with the corruption stat this game is really hot so far and i love the text-scenes AND the freaking awesome art attached to it!<3

yeah, now that it goes down gradually every day, I need to go in and add lots of event that raise it to compensate.

since playing the most recent version of this game after joining your patreon, 6.0, i found it to be A LOT easier to gain initial corruption thanks largely to Torgar's potion that he gives you when you lose to him in his early encounters. that helps quite a bit, but gets a little repetitive. the only other good repeatable method of corrupting my character (aside from the major one-time corruption events) is repeatedly allowing the Nyx parasites to infest my character after leveling enough to defeat the Minotaur guard and gain entrance to the Cult Manor, which is a really nice, repeatable method since corruption doesnt drop in that realm <3

but the encounters with the Lost Naga, Lost entities, and Lakkos feel like they should really corrupt the player upon losing to them, and corrupt the player even MORE if you win against them and decide to willingly fuck them <3, like the Naga currently only gives you like 3 corruption for winning and fucking his dick which you immediately lose upon returning to Bastion, and zero corruption for losing to him, getting Vored, and losing size and muscle to him as a penalty for losing before you wake up later and return to Bastion. i think the other Lost dont give you a lot of corruption either for defeating and fucking them, including when you literally suck all of their corruption onto yourself and leave them normalized. but im referring more to the early-game in the first place where you fuck them and leave before succumbing further, that should definitely corrupt the character more i feel <3

Lakkos's has some great corruption bonuses for defeating him and giving him Essence, demonifying your character in such AWESOME scenes <3, but it also feels like your soul wouldnt be left un-corrupted after losing to him or winning and fucking him without giving him essence. i'm talking small gains compared to giving him essence and having him make you a sexy demon <3 <3

and also that sexy Imp <3 , really feels like you should get a solid Corruption boost when he cums on you with demonic jizz and you grow from it, and also from events with him like pressing him into your chest, and finally the scene where you become his Master. he IS a demonic creature after all, and like Lakkos it really feels like interacting with him sexually should corrupt the character a decent amount. <3 <3

Further-infesting Drenth in the Manor feels like it should grant a huge corruption boost as well for making such a purity-devoted man fall and break his oaths in return for endless pleasure <3 in fact, if anything, if you talk with him and take his oaths upon yourself, that should REDUCE corruption by a decent amount, but if you then turn right around and infest him and gain the Oathbreaker status, that should give you like double or triple the corruption! both to counteract the reduction from taking the oath, and reward you for being such a lusty evil corruptor <3 <3

honestly, with all the various corruption-gain-increases and additional events/situations to add corruption-gains to... it might also require changing up the corruption tiers a bit. like, i'd suggest making it not very difficult to reach Low and Mid-level corruption for your character, but then trying to reach High-level and especially Ultimate-Levels of Corruption should become much more of a challenge, and require completing some major one-time corruption events for massive corruption boosts or else the player just needs to grind for it. 

oh and one last thing i would like to suggest, (and i'm so sorry if i'm just typing too much, i'm the kind of person that cant shut off my brain when it comes to stuff like this, i'm cursed with thoroughness ^^; ) when the Player is in Bastion, it really feels like it shouldnt take an entire day or Expedition just to move around your own house, visit Abel's house, Level Up, etc. Examining Appearance and then clicking "Back" literally takes a day, and therefore reduces Corruption... it's actually a little funny imagining my character taking an entire DAY to admire himself in the mirror lol XD. but basically, it feels like certain things unnecessarily take up entire days to do in Bastion, and lose you lots of corruption in the lower-stages by doing so.

anyways, it feels like ive said too much already so i'll stop here, but i really hope these suggestions help out more than just being annoying to read ^^; i apologize if they are... but i LOVE this game and really hope these suggestions help it's development! ^w^ (if theres a better place for me to post suggestions like these other than here, lemme know and i'll post there in the future ^^; )

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And how to add a Torgar to the party?

SPOILER: reach corrupted bond [5] for him to join, its the only current route atm so if you just keep visiting and fighting you should get him

i just want to ask this with the new way coruption is going wil it also go down if you become a demon or wil it stay at the same number not going down but hard to bring it futher up

It stops going down after you reach a very high amount of it.

I love this game so far! Can't wait for more to come!

I’m liking this game so far can’t wait for the next update

I have an idea for the game and its that you could walk around the town and get some healing items or maybe even some weapons. It might be difficult to implement into the game, but I think it would be funny that people will start to question why your character has grown so much. You could even possibly make it to where if your big enough you'll just step on the town by accident. You dont need to pay any attention to this comment but I just wanted to give an idea or two

I played this game and I enjoyed it a lot. Today, I played a different version but when Ioaded it to my previous progress, it won't play. Does anyone know how to fix this issue?

I forgot which version it started with, but a recent version of the game launched that doesn't support previous saves (but it carries over XP). You're trying to use your recent save in a previous version of the game so it's incompatible now and won't work.

Does having too much corruption make people shun you? Been worried that it would lock me out of interacting with npcs if I have too much corruption

Is this not downloadable on android?


How do I make the imp a full-fledged demon? Do i have to increase his corruption? I've already passed 4800-essence milestone and he's still an imp named Imp

He currently stays an imp but we're working on extending that path for the future.

I want to know how we can find the stones of Minotaur's guardians.

Is that you can only buy one Sigil now? I cannot get to the buying dialogue afterwards, he keeps only want to fight

And Warrior of Duality is a bit ineffective for low corrpution compare to other Ways, only 1 health per level up is nearly useless.

That's a bug with the torgar interaction, I'll have it fixed asap.

Nice with the new update  i could just play this like new game +    since my character is already overlevelled from the previous builds and hmm with new things added i am more excited now.


Anybody know when this game updates?

soon? maybe? i was epecting at least 30 days. but we will see. 




Great game! Love the encounters so far and looking forward to new updates like what we've gotten with the imp. As a minor nitpick, I'd love to see some kind of cock/ball specific growth multiplier on an optional perk or something, as it seems they fall further behind proportionally the larger the PC gets and the more multipliers they stack. Might help lean more into the "hyper" side of things. Either way, keep up the good work!

I love this game. Does anyone know any others like it? With muscle growth and stuff


Help how can i join forces with the imp?

Im in the submissive route with him.


I dont think you can join forces if you submit to him. It seems kind of one sided tbh.  it would be nice if they could change that to be able to play either dominate or submissive.  


Yeah i hope the author can put it in the next update.

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I think i've grown too big ; -; 42km 725m 

I cant do anything else but with imp, the barrens keep repeating

Is there currently/ are there any plans for more content with Abel? As it stands there's kind of one conversation with him and you can make him glow a bit.

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I've been doing a "no growth" route and I'm find it hilarious how  a 5ft dude is wrecking creatures that are 5 times or more taller than him. 😂

If anyone sees this, the executable is the download. the rest are links to play in browser.

is there any way to fight  Apothus new form instead of always using the tailsman to escape.

Is it possible to lower ones corruption and I haven't had any interactions with Abel since the start of the game is there anymore after that

I had an error with stamina and hp shows me that I am in minus and does not return to normal

Save Error

I tried to saved but this happened. Was it because of my file ? Or was it just the game ?
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