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i knew hyper &  growth were going to be a thing, but the combat was polished enough i got to be a high ranking demon last i played. enjoyable really; ive looked at other games with a similar system (NSFW content and RPG elements) and this one was very well done!

Anyone know the answer for the minotaur. I've tried everything 


Thank you

Thanks,that's what I need.

Can I corrupt the scientist in town and if I can't can it be added if not planned already

You can't for now. I wouldn't be surprised if we would be able to do more with him in the future, as for now, there's no real use of giving him the demonic souls

if you give him demonic essence you can cross the corruption lake without getting corrupted

Right, it's true that he gives you a stone that allow you that, I forgot x) But that would be cool if there's a bit more, tho ^^


I don't really like the limit break, I think it's stupid. I like that there were no limit break in the previous versions of the game.

Hi, first of all love this game but I appear to have found a bug. (Or im just monumentally stupid) There doesn't seem to be a option to leave the encounter with the imp once you become his master. 

I'm not sure if this is just a problem with mobile being weird and cutting off the option or if there just genuinely isn't a leave button. Any possible explanation or fix would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Might be a mobile problem, I had the scene on pc and I had a leave button

after having downloaded the windows version and porting my save the button did appear so it is just another mobile graphical bug. 

The only game where I literally created a lake of jizz. 10/10

The 7.7 build appears to not be compatible with my windows pc but the 7.6 is, is this an issue with my pc or the program?


Im playing on mobile Android and i cannot seem to be able to attack because the attack button is clipping under the top move card and when i try clicking attack ill just click the top move that's in the way

Play in landscape mode for the time being.

Just press submit completely on mobile after selecting your attacks, i did this by complete accident at first and it just went through with the attacks like normal.


I love this game so much.

the shifting ideals tho idk why in my no corruption run I still got the corrupted doppelganger, I'm still confused about what's pure


You get the corrupted if you are pure, you get the pure if you are corrupted.

If you ain't seeing the pure version, you don't have enough corruption on you at that moment.


oooooooooooooh thxx


How much essence do I need to give Lukka?

I think it was 3 imp fights worth? Might be 4.


I can't seem to understand how to get memories of Kanathar everytime I meet him he just fights and I can't seem to be able to tell him about nyx can y'all help?


You can tell him about Nyx after you visit the manor. He'll show up automatically when you enter the monolith. The different endings is if you win against his fight or lose against him.
The Power word achievement will be done automatically after you get the losing ending and then meet him again in another cycle.


I really like the game and it`s development so far.  There are some ideas nevertheless:

1) The size/muscle drain from the Lost Naga could be implemented to other charakters but not by swallowing like the naga does:

It would be nice to see a demon (Amagnathon for example) which is rather small (compared to the others) but he gains muscle, height, cock size, ball size by different sex choices. If the MC tops him he will loose muscle which is transferred to the enemy. If the MC bottoms for him he will loose cock length in the process. 69 will drain his balls. While getting a blowjob from the opponent the MC will loose height while cumming. All of the aspects above will only apply if the MC cums first (arousel too high). The MC will gain his size back and even drain the enemie if he makes his opponent cum first. 

2) Another idea  considers the recruiting of the lost creatures when the corruption is high enough: 

When you fight Apothus there is a scene where all Lost merge with him to give him size and strength. It would be nice to gain such a special ability when the MC is  highly corrupted but low in strength and feasts of his followers. 

3) Lukka could craft a demonic buttplug out of the demonic essence which absorps the corruption of the holder the longer it is inserted and the more demonic shards are used. The MC could use it to fuck corrupted beings without getting himself corrupted (purity route) or it could be used to strengthen the Lost companions like the minotaur or the recruited lost creatures.

4) The last idea is about the creatures of the Nynx, which go into the balls of the MC in the castle:

If the MC  gathers enough creatures in his balls his cum will have special abilitys on the enemies but only if his cum hits them. At a low rate it will increase their overall size. A medium amount of creatures enables the MC to be in charge  of the  growth (height, muscle, dick length, ...). A Large amount of the Nynx creatures will give him the ability to drain overall size from his enemies and make himself bigger.

I appreciate your work very much and hope that these ideas  will be helpful for future projects. (I appologize for any bad spelling but I´m not a native english speaker;)


quick tips:
if you want to become immensely strong at level 3, get tank 3 from level 1-3 and then once the meteor lands, spam cross it with no plan to gain massive amounts of corruption (reach over a thousand)
once that is done, you will have lord of lust
use the "gain 20% of your corruption as strength" move
and immediately gain like +200 damage to every attack

at nyx place tell the minotaur the name "Tiadane" itll allow you to skip a fight but still smash if ya want.


I want to play your game, but I don't really understand English and I want to know if you can translate(s) into Russian, Spanish, French and others?

is 2.6 chinese version?

I can't explain why but when I try to load my safes from disk in joiplay they don't show up. 

Any ideas why this might be happening?


Cant click "Attack with combo" In phone the skill is overlapping it

Is that old corruptive mutation ability still in the game? The one that just randomly gave you extra limbs? I always liked that one and I can't tell if I'm just not meeting the requirements for it or if it was removed. 

Yeah, it's in there. Not sure what the requirements are, other than major corruption (and possibly a level minimum).


it would be very nice if there is a option to revert back to the old style of menu, i find it easyer to navigate


Just had a "WHAT THE HELL, Did I just break the game?!" moment.
I thought I was getting tons of size boosts. And then just one Draco's Omnipotence and BOOM. Instantly going from around 500 feet to over 3000 feet!

Combine that with the overgrowth in limit breaks and you have UNLIMITED GROWTH AND ESSENCE!!! Every growth in battle will give you thousands of essence! That then boosts D.O. which is an infinite loop of growth!

So fair warning for anyone else who wants instant growth and tons of essence. One Draco's Omnipotence is all it takes

The only limit is your imagination Limit Breaks


I recently started playing again and... I cant even click attack... I really dont want to play it on my desktop since my progress are on my phone but it seems like I might have to now.


same here



I had the same issue. Try using your phone in Landscape mode, if your browser let's you rotate. The interface is not functioning well in portrait mode.

I was wondering if weight gain was considered for this, possibly giving a defense buff or something, I feel like it was minorly tapped into with the 'chubby' option for the slime but I would love the option to go both ways in growth kind of like The Curse Of Something


ty for new game to play


Hi, as AI art gets more advanced, do you plan on using it to generate more visuals for the story?


i will say that ai art is almost never used because what ai produces is not unique

tldr: it puts an image and parts of that image into a category and them merges different characteristics of different images to make the final result. This is done without permission of the og artists and is straight up theft


i agree but i dont think thats what a tldr is for


it's an oversimplification of what ai art does

more advanced ver


That page lacks screenshots....

plz fix levels if u achive lvl u cant get more xp unless you lvl up ur skill with is annoing


I think you do still get xp it just says 0, ive leveled up twice without leaving again


I’m so happy the game gets better and better

i tried for imp paths..its impossible for me i did read comments..

i hope you help me for steps...thanks


The Imp ending currently has a bug that prevents you from telling him about Nyx.
It's fixed in 0.7.6.


It is nice that limit break makes your size change more controllable to go through some of the scene variation since before in the old build you tend to able to grow very fast with the sigil spam, however there are now few problems that comes along with the system:

First, it makes the game even way grindier than it used to be. Sure the latest backer build now tripled the limit break point you earned from leveling up but considering you have four body size slot need to invest your point with which is helpful sure but not by a much margin in the long run.

Second, It makes Unstoppable Expansion and any growth related perk essentially useless, on top of there is basically no way for you to use excess essence for other purposes since Unstoppable Expansion is useless nuff said and most of the essence scaling abilities also happened to have  a cap so higher amount than that is useless.

Solution: Introduce ability to buy xp/limit break point with excess essence you earn from overgrowth (Preferable option) or rework Unstoppable Expansion and other growth related perk and essence scaling abilities.


That's my plan for the next version (0.7.7).

I wanted to have it in for 0.7.6 but ran out of development time for the month.
It's definitely making it in though~


What is the right name?! 


i think it's tadiane or tiadane

How was anyone supposed to guess that?! Also THANK YOU!


less by guessing and moreso by paying close attention to the dialogue of one of the ends


This is just a suggestion but what if after the main character gets a taste of cock fucking both getting their cock to somebody else's and receiving one into themselves they can do it with other NPCs and maybe receive special benefits from it, like with the potion seller with him you could gain his ability to mix the potions that you receive into one mega potion effect, or with imp you gave me ability to grow somebody with your cum. For you to be able to gain the effects you have to do this more than one time with each one as a way to properly obtain it your body is slowly learning how to do it how to do what they do. Another detail about this is that once the player is big enough and their cock is big enough the Nyxs creatures rather than going through the mouth can go through the cocks entrance.


Could anyone tell me how to trigger the Imp's servant path storyline ending? There seems no way talk to the imp at Nyx castle.


I think you have to go back to the Imp to tell him about it all. I don't remember how far into the castle you have to go, sorry. 

I suddenly can't access the web version after having to refresh due to a graphical glitch (that happens in chrome for me at times.) I'd saved and refreshed but now even just trying to load it gives me full on errors. And this is where I have -all- my progress through the main site. Any thoughts?

I did read that the saves are buggered until the next update. 

I was already playing though, on top of that I can't even load the game to start a new game if I wanted to.

Well, shit.


Seems like the save stuff is something that should be hotfixed anyway, not wait a full month or more of a release cycle to get fixed.

I hope so, it probably will be.


Fantastic update! Thank you for your hard *wink* work.  I did have one thought though. I'd love more interaction with Echo, because at the moment, they're just gooey armour. I'd love for them to have a sex scene, like when we view Echo in our home, and the scene could change depending on out level of corruption? I mean, Echo is fully covering our OC, from slipping a dick in to being fully body fleshlight, there are a lot of fun options. 


The new update is amazing bc of the new UI, and i don't need to scroll all the way down for the choices anymore cuz that makes me real dizzy, ty for new updates! (⁠ ⁠◜⁠‿⁠◝⁠ ⁠)⁠♡


The first Kanathar ending seems to be bugged in both 0.7.4 and 0.7.5 (bought it on Gumroad to check). I've gone through the monolith then went back to Kanathar to try to proc it, I've even gone as far as possible through Cray's path without hitting an ending before going back to Kanathar. Nothing. And since my character never tells him anything, I can't get that ending or any of the following endings, locking me out of four achievements. Hope this can be fixed soon, really enjoying the game!

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