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Hello, may I ask which version of Simplified Chinese has been updated to

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you might already be aware but mentioning it just in case, once the bind starts growing larger his body/art starts to cover the text on screen at multiple points, it's notable at tier 2 and pretty bad (like covering half the text) once he reaches tier 3 growth (for reference this is on the dom path have not done sub and i know he takes a different appearance there so i cannot say)


With only one scene shot i have no idea, if this is a text type game or not


Yes, mainly text game, but there´s some nice arts in there

Will there be a route specifically for the Bind?


hello! i just wanted to give a lil tip to you sombreve, about the css, so normally it looks like this

ok so you see that space down in the main window? its kinda bad for me, it requires me to scroll a lot more because of that space, so i modified a couple of value to make it like this, now i dont know exactly what you are using to program it so the html version might be compiled from something else but if this is not the case i recommend you to do theese simple changes, its literally 2 values and its even full responsive like this, instead before it had absolute values

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Good game i got to max on all limit breaks and level 100 with far too much essence

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Will there ever be a offline version? Also can the bind have a vers route I don't like picking either, doing both is better


Is there a way to further your relationship with Abel, you know getting busy with him, I managed to hug him after echo part, I reached athropus boss without corruption, even lost and escaped but nothing so far with him

OK I got nyx ending and managed to slightly corrupt him but he went back to normal, any way to fully corrupt him or I need to wait future updates I need to know

Im guessing to corrupt him you need to have alot of corruption and gain the give corruption fight move, then fight him and use it as much as possible

How can you fight Abel in the first place?


Will there be more bind fun in the future updates?


Version 7.9 is gonna have more bind content. If you wanna see just look here


Guys, I need help to unlock "Word of Power", "Memories Of Kanathar" and "Memories Of Apothus" achivements, I can't find any way to complete it :((


Both memories you listed I think involve losing the fight to those people (specific fights)


It's work, thank you!!

Hey guys! Why does the executable version still need internet connection to show images?

Can I ask,what do I do if I got torgar with 4 arms form and what can I do with it?

I think you can't have this path for now (unless it was on the last update and I didn't see it), there's only the path with Torgar corrupted

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but I unlock that path in my 4th cycle I can give you a screenshot

Can I ask how to get that path?

You have to unlock torgar 2nd form and tell him to studying the effect,if you see 4 arms form you have to fight and select the path of redemption after that leave torgar

(Unfortunately, only the path of Ascension is not available at the moment.)

what is it mean?

I can't get him, could You tell me after how many fights am I suppossed to SEE the 4 arms form?


Btw, for those who don't check patreons, due to his father's medical issues, Sombreve is pausing the development for one month. He posted that in may, after one of the update, so I guess we'll not have an update for june. Please send him lots of love !

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oh dang, sorry for his dad. hope he recovers soon and it doesn't cause any other medical issues later for him.

Might be going crazy, but wasn't there a way to actually speak to the Lost Naga at some point? It's been a while since I've played.


Tbh, I think there's something more with the naga, but can't find what (other than eating him, making him fuck your slit and loosing to him). There's another option, where you can fuck his slit, but I can't get it. I don't know if it could be tied to being able to talk to the naga after, but well. Otherwise, I don't know, maybe it have been removed, or you're just crazy x)


You need to be small enough to fuck his slit

Thanks. That's what I thought, but I always fought him when I was too big (I guess, don't remember the sizes I had). But I don't know if it unlock anything else doing that

How to press the naga's cock on character slit?


You have to be big enough. Doing so will lock the fact you can fuck naga's slit, and open this one

See, I swear there was something you could do that would ultimately have him talk to you and acknowledge your symbiosis. Weird.


I've never run into actual conversation. I believe he has some lines for if you've lost and stolen size from you, but I think that's about it.


Came back to try and play the game again. But then I remembered the limit break system and how I personally never liked it. Tbh, I wish it could be turned off / on. Like, I know this was probably put in place because I remember when people were talking about how they didn't like how they couldn't control their growth if I remember. 

Like, I just wish we could turn it off because it just doesn't feel that much fun for me anymore, having my character grow nigh-infinitely. But. This is just a little thing that I personally don't like as a tldr way to put it. I wish we could get the old way of growth back.


If you're playing 7.7, and particularly with a high level save from 7.6, the limit breaks come in trios every three levels or so and the jumps start to get pretty high after a point. On top of achievement bonuses crossing over, even a new game lets you get limit breaks pretty quick from how quickly you can level up. Plus unlike in 7.6 you only have a marginal amount of initial growth when putting your limit break in place. So achieving nigh infinite growth is significant more viable.


actually its even easier now to grow infinitely, breaking the "limit break" system is pretty easy

Which file do I download there's so many?

the one named "Download Executable [0.7.7]" if you're on windows and just extract files

I'm on Android so I'm trying to find android one

download the html one and unzip it. Then just press on the html link choose which browser and play.

Deleted post
Deleted post

i knew hyper &  growth were going to be a thing, but the combat was polished enough i got to be a high ranking demon last i played. enjoyable really; ive looked at other games with a similar system (NSFW content and RPG elements) and this one was very well done!

Anyone know the answer for the minotaur. I've tried everything 


Thank you

Thanks,that's what I need.

Can I corrupt the scientist in town and if I can't can it be added if not planned already

You can't for now. I wouldn't be surprised if we would be able to do more with him in the future, as for now, there's no real use of giving him the demonic souls

if you give him demonic essence you can cross the corruption lake without getting corrupted

Right, it's true that he gives you a stone that allow you that, I forgot x) But that would be cool if there's a bit more, tho ^^


I don't really like the limit break, I think it's stupid. I like that there were no limit break in the previous versions of the game.

Hi, first of all love this game but I appear to have found a bug. (Or im just monumentally stupid) There doesn't seem to be a option to leave the encounter with the imp once you become his master. 

I'm not sure if this is just a problem with mobile being weird and cutting off the option or if there just genuinely isn't a leave button. Any possible explanation or fix would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Might be a mobile problem, I had the scene on pc and I had a leave button

after having downloaded the windows version and porting my save the button did appear so it is just another mobile graphical bug. 

The only game where I literally created a lake of jizz. 10/10

The 7.7 build appears to not be compatible with my windows pc but the 7.6 is, is this an issue with my pc or the program?


Im playing on mobile Android and i cannot seem to be able to attack because the attack button is clipping under the top move card and when i try clicking attack ill just click the top move that's in the way

Play in landscape mode for the time being.

Just press submit completely on mobile after selecting your attacks, i did this by complete accident at first and it just went through with the attacks like normal.


I love this game so much.

the shifting ideals tho idk why in my no corruption run I still got the corrupted doppelganger, I'm still confused about what's pure


You get the corrupted if you are pure, you get the pure if you are corrupted.

If you ain't seeing the pure version, you don't have enough corruption on you at that moment.


oooooooooooooh thxx


How much essence do I need to give Lukka?

I think it was 3 imp fights worth? Might be 4.


I can't seem to understand how to get memories of Kanathar everytime I meet him he just fights and I can't seem to be able to tell him about nyx can y'all help?


You can tell him about Nyx after you visit the manor. He'll show up automatically when you enter the monolith. The different endings is if you win against his fight or lose against him.
The Power word achievement will be done automatically after you get the losing ending and then meet him again in another cycle.


I really like the game and it`s development so far.  There are some ideas nevertheless:

1) The size/muscle drain from the Lost Naga could be implemented to other charakters but not by swallowing like the naga does:

It would be nice to see a demon (Amagnathon for example) which is rather small (compared to the others) but he gains muscle, height, cock size, ball size by different sex choices. If the MC tops him he will loose muscle which is transferred to the enemy. If the MC bottoms for him he will loose cock length in the process. 69 will drain his balls. While getting a blowjob from the opponent the MC will loose height while cumming. All of the aspects above will only apply if the MC cums first (arousel too high). The MC will gain his size back and even drain the enemie if he makes his opponent cum first. 

2) Another idea  considers the recruiting of the lost creatures when the corruption is high enough: 

When you fight Apothus there is a scene where all Lost merge with him to give him size and strength. It would be nice to gain such a special ability when the MC is  highly corrupted but low in strength and feasts of his followers. 

3) Lukka could craft a demonic buttplug out of the demonic essence which absorps the corruption of the holder the longer it is inserted and the more demonic shards are used. The MC could use it to fuck corrupted beings without getting himself corrupted (purity route) or it could be used to strengthen the Lost companions like the minotaur or the recruited lost creatures.

4) The last idea is about the creatures of the Nynx, which go into the balls of the MC in the castle:

If the MC  gathers enough creatures in his balls his cum will have special abilitys on the enemies but only if his cum hits them. At a low rate it will increase their overall size. A medium amount of creatures enables the MC to be in charge  of the  growth (height, muscle, dick length, ...). A Large amount of the Nynx creatures will give him the ability to drain overall size from his enemies and make himself bigger.

I appreciate your work very much and hope that these ideas  will be helpful for future projects. (I appologize for any bad spelling but I´m not a native english speaker;)


quick tips:
if you want to become immensely strong at level 3, get tank 3 from level 1-3 and then once the meteor lands, spam cross it with no plan to gain massive amounts of corruption (reach over a thousand)
once that is done, you will have lord of lust
use the "gain 20% of your corruption as strength" move
and immediately gain like +200 damage to every attack

at nyx place tell the minotaur the name "Tiadane" itll allow you to skip a fight but still smash if ya want.


I want to play your game, but I don't really understand English and I want to know if you can translate(s) into Russian, Spanish, French and others?

is 2.6 chinese version?

I can't explain why but when I try to load my safes from disk in joiplay they don't show up. 

Any ideas why this might be happening?


Cant click "Attack with combo" In phone the skill is overlapping it

Is that old corruptive mutation ability still in the game? The one that just randomly gave you extra limbs? I always liked that one and I can't tell if I'm just not meeting the requirements for it or if it was removed. 

Yeah, it's in there. Not sure what the requirements are, other than major corruption (and possibly a level minimum).


it would be very nice if there is a option to revert back to the old style of menu, i find it easyer to navigate

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