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Is there some sort of guide or hints around to get all achievements (particularly Memories of Nyx and Kanathar)?


Yep, right here:

I did come across that, but on their respective pages none of them tells you in detail about what to do to get there :( Like do I need to have destroyed the cult beforehand or not? Do I need to keep giving the imp Essence up to a certain point before I can tell him his name?

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oh, well then this might help you instead:

For the imp you need to be submissive to the imp fyi


Oh dang I completely missed that page, thanks a lot! 

Okay I was about to ask about that so thanks for confirming that as well!


So how do we find the minotaur's name, or share the power of nyx with it?


Basically follow the "Memories of Nyx" route but choose to ally with the Minotaur after defeating him and letting him get him horny inside the mansion, you'll learn the name during the "Memories of the Minotaur" ending.


i had an idea for an ability called Hulk Factor, it's basically an upgraded version of Herculean Build 

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This was a cool update, Pretty disappointed you can't get dominated by the Minotaur but hey!, thanks for the update anyway


Hello! Any plans for a sprite gallery? or releases of older versions? I vaguely remember an image of Torgar with his fly open at normal size, I would love to to see it again ;) or maybe did I dream this all up...

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Hmm, with SteamDB your older versions should be accessible actually. 

I think that Torgar is still in the game, you just have to make him grow a bit before the container on his back breaks after a few fights.

Why is the sound always intermittent?


Having issues in the current public version when going through a reborn cycle, this happens when clicking the option to reborn.

same, literally happened to me today, think it might be cause I have almost all achievements?


This will be fixed in 0.7.1. Sorry for the issue.

Yeah i also got it, cant do anything its basically ssoftlock cuz i cant save my progress.


Is there going to be a way to start on the master path with the imp without having to give in multiple times? Would be nice if we could make him our sub by just repeatedly beating him and walking away, just eventually get the option to tell him "You're mine now." Mostly cause giving in turns into hyper-growth really quick.

Also, I'd like to be able to lock down my character's size and give the imp something to return him to his original size. I like the size-play in some aspects but it gets a bit much at times. ^.^;


agreed maybe some shrinkage item, or so


yea haha, I am not into hyper stuff myself but I like literally everything else about this game lol

tho I do like how OP I get with constant increasing number after I got a lot of achievements lol


Actually, you can become his master but you'll need to defeat him many times. I don't remember how much though. Maybe almost a dozen times?

And yes, I agree that the sizes do get a little too much. I reached almost 13 meters in height, and my male tool was about 24 meters with the "eggs" beneath it around 41 meters! That was quite insane. But then I had to have sex with a thirty or maybe fifty-something cobra?

Don't get me wrong, I liked the game very much and especially the story. But maybe it needs some balance? And I also hope we get to do something fun with Abel. Or is it already available and I didn't make the right choices to achieve that?

Nonetheless, sorry for the long tirade.

Deleted 104 days ago

In this case, might as well become a planet and let the others live on your body. There will be the great nipples, mount dick, the great butt-crack valley, the great testicle hills, the abs plateaus, and the occasional phenomenon know as the great lakes of cum.

Deleted 104 days ago

i reached something like 320km XD

I've beaten the imp something like 25+ times in a row. He never submits to being "mine" until I take the sexual route and press him against my chest. Until that happens, he literally always just...runs away when he is beaten. And all the while he continues growing... It gets a tad frustrating.

Ah yes, indeed. That's the only way. After all, this was meant to be a heavily sexual game.


Well yes, but doing so kicks off a TON of the hyper stuff. It'd be nice to be able to take the imp in as a companion/sex slave without having to do that. And for rp purposes, being able to induct him into your party without giving in to fulfilling his sexual desires is a nice thought.

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Honestly for me the hyper stuff is fine, especially since it's kind of the point of the game, but the growth may be need to be a tad bit slowed down since you can get to about really high heights insanely fast. 

 Edit: Now when I think about it maybe it's fine for where the growth speed is since it's mainly corruption that makes you grow really fast, if you don't go for it the growth is slowed down a whole lot without corruption and I think it kind of makes sense since the game is centered around macro, corruption and hyper growth so that could be why it goes so fast. I don't personally mind it though so maybe that's just me.

growth still goes super fast just because of the golden sigil ability.

I guess you could scale damage with something other than size instead but that's the route i went and it just goes up super fast even without corruption.


Hey, would love if the "check appearance" function could mention the current cock size within the text too.

And maybe a jerk off option




On mobile, like the dumb dumb i am, i downloaded the 0.6.4 html on mobile even though the 0.6.5 was out.  I tried to bring my progress over, and it's a bit difficult.  Can someone help me with this?


Question, is there a way to get the Sigil Of Triad for ourselves? (The mix of the three moves, not them seperately.)

You can't get them right now currently


Good to know, thank you Llama

How to complete the achievement “Word Of Power”?


You need to complete one the Imp's endings:

Fight him a lot and when you can "please him/suck him off"

When given prompt, submit to him

Go to Nyx's hideout and talk with the demon

Return to the Imp and tell him of the encounter

Go back to the hideout and you will fight the imp

To get the Word of Power achievement (as well as another one) you need to lose the fight (if you win you get a different achievement) and then in another playthrough (be reborn) fight the Imp again, but this time "press him against your body" (dominant option) and then after a few encounters he will submit to you and you can tell him his name (altough this option appears to lead to a softlock, meaning that it's unachievable)

I agree with most of that but you don't actually need to be dominant the second time around, I kept choosing "pleasure him" and still got the achievement and even avoided the softlock this way. 


"Utter Kanathar's name" option in the imp dialogue doesn't work and it softlock me as there is no other options. 

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I was going to comment on that too, which is sad cuz I kinda love Kanathar


Yeah, I have played version 0.6.5 on both mobile and windows, using html on android and executable in windows, and in both cases it softlocks with an error message


apparently that bug got fixed in the next version, which is on patreon right now.


Sombreve said it was fixed in 0.6.5 which is the public version but the bug is still here.


I guess he meant 0.7.0(Patreon Version) because it got fixed on that one

Lo que estaría bien sería que en la siguiente actualización meterías más   tamaño de todo músculos altura etc 

Deleted 1 year ago

Nvm got it

Clicking "Return to a uncertain fate"  -> "The End (For now)" to do a New Game+ gives me:

Got that doing the Memories of Cray ending once I hit NG+, also got the bind cockring achieve in that run, maybe that has something to do with it?


Essence surge stacked until 110k power 💀

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Next victim is Lakkos!


please for the next update add a way to restart while keeping all achievements that doesnt involve beating an ending or your save coming from a previous version

that way people wont get softlocked if they find a bug that doesnt let them progress or if they manage to get to a position where they can get non of the endings


That's a good idea, I'll keep a note of it.

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i decided to quit the game since i lost all my progress


If we wanted to offer to help the game, how would we go about it?


that was quite fun in multiple ways


You know. I been thinking. Will you add some shops ? Like a shop that sells Potion like Health or Stamina or Mana. You should also try to add some like a drop item like a bean stat increase. But each colors represent something! Like Green Bean is a health stat of 1. Some Beans is Permanent But some are temporary. Like Purple Bean is Corruption stat of 1 or 5 depending how dark the Purple Bean is. They should also have a chances and where or what kind of species it can be obtain from. like the slim for example. Chances of getting a Blue Beans  that increase stamina can only be obtain through slaying a slime.

its just a suggestion or thought of idea. Since were all gonna loose our progress depending the update.


Hmmm update delayed o.o


I finally found out how to play on Android without using the website 😌



First. download the dawn of corruption HTML

Second. Download joiplay if you don't already have it downloaded 

Third. Click the + button and use the HTML file for the executable

(The rest doesn't matter but it's always better to fill it out, incase you use joiplay for more than just dawn of corruption) 

Deleted 1 year ago
Deleted 1 year ago

Were you able to update to the 0.6.5 version as well? I'm kind of lost on how to do that, that way i don't lose my achievements.

No I haven't, I'm not sure how to update it without losing progress.


Había un momento que me estaba enfrentando a un lobo corrompido y de la nada los atakes se me ponen en negativo y la vida y la barra verde y no me deja hacer daño no sé qué hacer no sé si está echo aposta es un bug o es otra cosa 


There is an error that shows up if you say the demon imp's name when you're trying to dominate him, and you can't click the option to kiss him. 

yup, aparently the next update already has that fixed, so once the next update comes up it wont happen anymore

we'll just have to wait for the next update


Eh It was great but after I got the achievement to ascend my lil imp I cant say his name or even kiss them it basically makes me unable to continue

Y como subo de nivel??

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despues de obtener suficiente XP te aparece en el forte

y el crecimiento hay un millon de formas de hacerlo, yo sugeriria que compres todas las pociones del medio orco (en orden para tenerlas todas y ganar XP al mismo tiempo) y uses el movimiento que te da con la ultima para aumentar tamaño basado en tu tamaño

luego venceria al imp y lo dominaria todas las veses, y lo tendria como compañero (aunque sumiso tambien ayuda, pero dominante te ayuda incluso antes y te lo da de compañero)

luego haria que el medio orco valla por el camino de corrupcion

y despues de eso le agarras la mano

para la corrupción segui haciendo cosas que la aumentan una despues de la otra y es dificil volver para atras sin abstinencia lol

Como hago que el personaje se haga mas grande y que tenga mas de 10 de corrupcion?? 


Is there a way I can corrupt Abel?


there is one achievement in which u free nyx or become one with it or something like that that gives u the option of corrupting him and the guard you first meet if you start a game with it, aparently

I havent gotten it myself cuz the game sorta broke on my last save just after I saved it and it was my only save and I want to keep the achievements so I'm waiting for the next update lol

so idk how extensive it is, it's probs not that big a thing and will get expanded upon later

when loading up the game I get this error that covers the health stamina and lust meters.
is this a common problem? I tried to swap to a different version but the same thing happened.

is this the game where at some point, were gonna go in prison and meet the head guards and stuff and meet some prisoners and you can romance with a hyena/fox (cant remember it's been so long) -the sex scenes were kinky and kinda brutal-
ps. its not triple r and furgeon i think

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game breaks if I utter kanathar's name lol

and cant not utter it, not allowed to


Well, I think I've reached an overflow.

I have a height of almost 500000km and suddenly, my strength gets set to a negative 2.1 billion, making it impossible to deal any damage. My attacks litterally HEAL the enemies now. That safefile is now sadly softlocked, with no ending accessible. x/


epic name😎

I'm way beyond strong😎

less goo😎

Is this mainly gay or is a mixture of both, gay and straight?


mostly gay.

mainly gay? 

I'm not sure, can you play as a female?

But I think the majority of it is super gay. 

I don't think there planning on changing to straight content. 

Your welcome X-)


only male x male content

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It's gay as hell.

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but there is a female part


and it's the slime

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