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Hi, could I ask when the public release for 0.6.4 is set for? I'm really excited for what the patchnotes say will be added.


It should be out tomorrow, really sorry for the delay.


No worries, the wait was worth it, I love this update.

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Really good stuff! Shows a lot of promise so far, and I can't wait to see what comes next. 

Is there a plan for adding more size tiers past 6? It's rather amusing that I can reach sizes bigger than earth itself yet the game doesn't seem to make mention of it. I get that the game's in development by a small team, so no rush ofc; I just wanted to place small feedback on something I would love to see touched on more. In any case, great work so far!!! <3

(Also could the hyper feats add a percentage rate increase of growth for the you-know-where? So if I want it to keep being bigger than the rest of me even while using things such as sigil of growth...)

Will the future updates ever give us images and artwork for lewd events or will the game stay text based? I'm really curious because i played this game the very first week it came out and now i came back to see  how much it progressed with the story and i'm very happy with the results, though i wouldn't really mind if the game had more art of our character having ''fun'', or just more artwork in general except just those few pieces of some characters in the game. But if there aren't going to be any that's still okay with me, i'll just have to keep my imagination working hard ;3

Also is there a limit on how tall and 'big' you can become? I've been playing for about 2 hours and i'm already over 30 feet tall.


The limits are very, very high.

30 feet?.... ROOKIE NUMBERS!!! Try upwards of miles.


So pretty dumb question, I got the game through steam since it was cleaner and easier to download. Would the future updates like 0.6.4 be available through steam or no? because I am excited for so many things

-The recruitment process for lost ones
-More Abel Interactions
-More Torgar Interactions

I just cant wait for new things. It took two days (thanks to one annoying achievement) to complete and im so excited to see more! 

The lore in the story is simply amazing, and whoever is playing via mobile I highly recommend playing on desktop or similar. The gameplay difference, for me, was what kept me going to beat  the game.

Sombreve, you did such an amazing job on this and cant wait to see what else you have in store ❤❤❤

Well, for any of those wondering, I got the Patreon download for 0.6.4 and technically the steam save for 0.6.3 does transfer over BUT there are restrictions. It was very worth it to become a patron!!!


looks like version

0.6.4 will be a good one also owner add more enemies it's getting kinda boring fighting the same enemies


0.6.5 will have a new encounter :3



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Hey, what programming language/game engine is this made in? Just curious, this game has honestly inspired me quite a bit. Thank you.


It's based on Twine with a lot of JS on top of it.



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Yup. I just checked.


OMG Chara confirmed?😱

Deleted 1 year ago
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not again! they fixed the bug some versions ago, now it's back or what?!


but how is your strength so low - can you even move???

I'm surprised we don't have a cat race or even a rat race yet.

Well, It would make sense for there to be a race for felines, but idk why rats would be apart of the race roster...

I mean Abel is a cat

Yes, I know Abel is a cat. Im talking about why the would add a Rat species.


I know this is a kind of a weird suggestion but I was wondering maybe you would ever add  some kind of character where they just had a had a helmet for a head, or they just wore a helmet that you could possibly grow them, like maybe a Knight or something? I thought it would be kind of hot cool if you could grow  some knight but they still had the helmet on rather than it just coming off.  Thanks for the sexy awesome game.

why i have a feeling that i already saw that comment....somewhere else...

oh, sorry if you did, I didn't see this suggestion anywhere else


OmG 2019 eXp😱(ignore what I was searching)  

What ver?

version 0.6.2

Huh, the only reason why I asked was because I forgot where that text was from lol.


i love this game, and i had a couple suggestions/questions for it. 1:are you going to do anything with the lactation genre? 2: is it possible to get a bit more control over the mutant perk and what body parts it targets? its my favourite mechanic but getting more legs or something constantly is a bummer. 3: are you going to give a storyline or something to abel? as he is your first friend it would be great if he also were to transform. thank you for the consistent development of the game!



That bug is fixed in 0.6.3
Sorry for the funky-looking values in the meantime.

oh and also when is gonna be the final update for the game

I'm not sure. It will be a while since I'm not working on the game full-time.

oh ok

I really like the game, but wish it was a bit less grindy. Some sort of easy mode would be greatly appreciated. Cheers

Just a general comment... I've followed this game through its development for quite a while, and I've most definitely noticed that it has gotten several drastic changes. It's to the point that it's not even particularly close to the game it used to be. These don't even really feel like updates so much as you just trying to figure out what sort of game you want to make. Obviously it hasn't even hit version 1.0 yet, so of course not everything is set in stone, but... it's over halfway to 1.0, and at the pace of changes that have been happening, I'm a bit concerned that the core game mechanics are still going to continue to change even after 1.0, which could alienate some people.


It's how game productions go tbh. You iterate over your designs until you're happy with them.

I'm happy with the core mechanics now though. I wanna tweak how stamina works soon but that's the last thing in my list. After that there shouldn't be that many drastic changes to how the flow of combat and progression works.


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Maybe I just don't usually actually play games continuously throughout their early development, so I don't see the process. I think most of the time those decisions are made before any sort of public release. What I'm more used to is a developer going on hiatus because they didn't like the direction it was going, and taking time off to make a decision before releasing a single full overhaul.


Hi Sombreve, as someone currently working in design you are absolutely correct. You continue iterating and gathering feedback to fix pain points and emphasise the game's unique features. You're doing great work. 

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Perhaps this is how it should be done, but if that is the case, then the vast majority of designers and game companies don't do it correctly.

From my perspective... the people who are following a game through its development probably don't want to suddenly be playing a different game, else they very likely wouldn't have been interested in the game initially. Like me, I enjoyed this game in previous iterations. I completely lost interest and actually uninstalled it for while. Reinstalled it later... played it a bit, but just... wasn't feeling it. Haven't even played the last two versions because the changelog just doesn't grab my interest at all. It's changing core mechanics that I had already grown accustomed to, and I don't want to play a completely different game than the one I initially downloaded and liked.

Perhaps I wouldn't notice and would still enjoy the game if I hadn't played the older versions, since I wouldn't have grown accustomed to them.


Version numbering isn't the same as decimal places.

The versions can go on like this: 0.8 -> 0.9 -> 0.10 -> 0.11 -> 0.12 and so on.

For all we know, it could be less than 10% on it's way to 1.0

Im having trouble getting "incomplete memory" achievement wich end i have to do to get that? Pls it's my last achievement 😭

Take down... you know

Warning, might be best if you do other first

For question, scroll down below

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Oh My!!!! God!

I found a mechanic loop and something that won't waste my time collect it all hahahah!

Thank for your update and lovely game

Alert, for developer

Mr.Sombreve, hope you notice something that is in Ending dialog  screen on right top and the end button.

There are something appear in that moment and I just find it very reliable hahah.

Well, it's one time use per version of game.

Might be nice to use in incomplete memorie


Excited because i saw 6.2 in DOC .net

But when came to itch...

:/ bruh, hahahahaha! : ) can't hold my laugh hahah

You found my secret trick :O
(I'm uploading it right now)


Is there a way to know how to get each version of Togar or is only corruption version available at the moment?

Only the corruption version available at the moment, but the purity path will be in 0.6.3

Oh I cant wait for an update! I'm so excited!!


Should be coming very soon <3

Hello! I would like to ask how to do the Memories of Nyx achievement? That is the only Achievement that I have yet to get or do since I really do not know how to do it.

Oh nvm, I got it now! :D

im stuck on getting the word of power achievement, can you help me out? I got all the other ones already

Ope, never mind, just got it!!

3 things i would like to see in the future. Something if you end Softlocked because you choose figth Apo(Maybe a future Third Phase? if you have other achivements) would be great,like a Temporaly passive bonus effect

Abel's Corruption or more interactions with him/alternative route when he goes with you to the crater(Im waiting,eagerly but waiting)

maybe a Good/evil(?) Dialoge or interactions,like you can be "Corrupted",but still beign good and with Torgar make a "Processed Corruption" and spray it in the Golden Bastion,would be corruption but its'nt like lost or  *** and obtaining it you can "Purify" Cray

now i have a question. How you obtain "Word of Power" Ending,its the only one ending i need... 

Maybe special achievements if you focus in obtain all ability of one branch and a selector for toggle on/off achievements bonus.

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Word of power require

Need one thing with imp, it should be enough hint

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Alredy figured out,thanks!

Are gonna update the wiki? or thats is a project completely non related with the devs

(Sorry if i have a poor gramma or i write weird things,english is not my first language)

This is actually my final achievement, can you help me out? I have no clue how to get it.

Ope, never mind I just got it!!!! 

it's mainly a gay game or this is just a part of the game

Both, part of game involve everything like this but... for story maybe soft than this.

Anyway, of course it's gay game

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How do I reach an ending? It's my first time playing, I've played for hours now but can't seem to reach an ending to restart the game. I've defeated Apothus and cleared the manor, did I lose the chance to get an ending? What am I supposed to do? Do I have to feed essence to Lakkos and the Imp? (I already gave Imp a bunch of essence)

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Alert : Some spoil for someone new that have problem

You need to restart on your own by button Well... you go for main story route that's unfinish andddd there are one for apothus but you must lose to him. Try to do something involve cult for ending. And there are something with imp.

I can only hint like this since it's  for achievement.

Oh right, I will answer if i can instead developer because he must busy with update.

So ask something that not require spoil ending.

dang it I didn't want to restart the game since I'll lose the achievements, but it looks like I have no other choice... thanks

is this gay only or are there other sexes?

basically are there males AND females?


Right now,  NO

How does one go about corrupting the guard? And is said guard the one who confronts you after getting Echo? Grinded out >200 corruption and have yet to see the option (either before or after fighting him).

Require memorie of ###

on more hint sir, for safety spoil more than this

i love the game but with the update i lost all the skills i gained from the achievements😢

This time, it will not happen. He already said to my comment

Are there ways to become smaller?



You know what i mean.

is the MC dom or sub ?

Up to you, for imp


I wish you can attack the village and corrupt it as well as have sex with Abel and also corrupt him too

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How do you get Memories Of Apothus achievement? Is there a dialog option, or you just need to lose to him in the battle?

Yeah, you just have to beat his first phase and loose to his second phase


To be honest, I don't think the race choices system before game start make much sense, they don't have any useful features other than a little change in adjectives later in the description, like some special abilities for each race, unique battle cards or something, might as well delete the system. Or it's that will be considered more in future?

Love this game. Superb writing and a fun combat system. Finished the game getting absolutely massive... (and taking in so many spawns but uhh.... that's besides the point)

Quick question, what happened to the other goo monster encounter in the first area with the imp and "neutral" slime? Has it been removed? I really liked that encounter..

Either way, love this game and I look forward to 0.6.1!!


Quick Question, is there any way you could add more save slots? I end up using quite a few and eventually have to manually save to disk and its just a little weird. Just wondering though, if not thats alright :

Love the new update. One question though, do you ever plan to implement a weight/weight gain system? I'm sure it could work out pretty well, even if I am a bit biased.

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Loved the new update's content :)

I have a few suggestions for additional achievements: 

- Fully upgrade Imp

- Become a Lord of Lust

- 'Mate' with 5 different partners kek

- Something related to rejecting corruption, whereby you pursue the path of purity maybe something like 'gain 10 levels' without earning any corruption? ooh it could even be called: Uncorruptable

I liked the additions of the achievement system, i just dont like the permanent 20 corruption provided by 1 of them as it made devoting to purity on a reborn playthrough not worthwile.

Additionally if you ally with Apothus it leads to a path where you cannot be reborn unless im missing something, not sure if its due to content still needed or is it just temporary?

Now that there are a few endings to the game, I really have to go back and make that main story lead to an ending, at least temporarily.

Since the last update i was wondering  how much essence will it take to fully upgrade our imp on the party? If someone can answer that would help me a lot.

8000+ from my experience

Hello, I am in love with this game and the 0.6.0 version further enhance it with the achievement... but that's where my question is: How DO you reach an ending? Because I beat Apothus instead of joining him, became Lord of Lust and have meet you-know-who's spawn(?) but none of that led to an 'Ending' Can someone help me?

What happened to green and black goo guy

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