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Thanks as always for your hard work

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what 'id'?So I have to start all over again?


Yeah the optimizations for this version broke aspects of the save files, really sorry about that.

Rebooting the game and reloading a save is also broken right now.
The next version will fix those issues!

Hey, How do i increase my corruption?

As you play, there'll be events where choosing the "corrupt" option will increase it. There's a lot more further on.

Thank you!

Hey, it's been a while since I last played a build of the game, I like how the combat system is looking in 0.7.3! 

One thing I seem to be noticing, it feels like if you select a combo and then draw the game gets confused and shifts all your selections one to the left or right. I've had a fight where I believe I did a Slash and a Sigil, then drew to try and get another action in; Didn't get an adjacent card so I just hit attack and the game proceeded to do a Focus and Pleasure Self or something to that effect. I don't know exactly how the game processes drawing an action or such, so at least as a short term solution I'd suggest making it so Drawing clears the current combo, even if that's not ideal for QoL xP

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Quick Strength up strategy for current 0.7.3 build:
Just dominate "The Bind". Do this over and over and you can easily gain over 300+ strength. (Easy damage.)
With the new limiters in place, you won't have to worry about getting too big anymore either. But when you up the limiters, it's instant growth. Except for height.
If you take the other path with The Bind, you get an EXP booster. Good for first runs.
I think the limit for either perk is 10.
With all that extra power, you should grow easily with the Growth Sigil from Torgar.
Also, you should be able to one shot basically everything.


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This is fixed in 0.7.5, but in the meantime your only option is to load your game before you got to that menu.

Really sorry about that.


I hope you go back to how it used to look. The choices are tiny at the bottom and since I can't figure out how to full screen the game, everything has to be scrolled sideways as well as up and down now. 


Sorry about that, I made another pass on it in 0.7.4


Great update but didnt really like the new choice UI update since its making me dizzy :(


Sorry! It's gonna look and feel different in 0.7.4


Hmm.. would be kinda neat to be able to level up without having to be forcefully to pick a perk.


Can you corrupt abel


hmm the new UI made it harder for me to use on mobile. I already missed the chance to fight the guard after returning from the impact site, now maybe after unlocking the chasm I might not be able to go to the eastern barrens.

Though I could just use my "level up" but I want to earn more "corruption" before spending the rest of it. 

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can i just ask what this is? it shows up sometimes and can be fatal for me in battle 

The "Enraged Pommel" move is bugged in this build; if you use it in a combo, you get this error message, and your character performs no actions that turn.  Until the bug is fixed, you can work around it by taking the Enraged Pommel move out of your move pool.

Would it be too much if this was installable as an APK?

Does anyone know how to get this?

Here it's (hint), sometimes there are thing need to be done before something happen and if u try firstly thing without figure second yet. Try to dive in corruption. Which one come first and which one last. It's obviously. Decay doesn't always work. Look for description.


I personally wonder if it's at all possible to add in the capability of vore for the character you've already added this concept with the Lost serpent consuming the character and gaining muscle from them. What if it could be done in reverse except considering the fact that you have the character essentially doing sounding using their cock either on the serpent or the serpent cock on the character. What if the character could consume the Lost serpent entirely into their cock and potentially begin a process of de-corrupting the lost serpent in way of consuming the corruption. Essentially the way I see it working is the serpent is taken into the character and then for a three or four turns the character churns the serpent in there balls absorbing corruption into themselves for a period of time and removing it from the serpent completely but in this process the character could also corrupt other creatures using their own cum and swallowing the characters into their ball's and corrupting them to the side of the character essentially they would become devoted followers of the character rather than being lost or some other creature potentially even changing the creature significantly. The character could also obtain the ability to swallow other characters into their stomach reducing the amount of bulk that the opponent has as a type of attack if the character has enough power to do so this would not entirely be about size this would be about power but the size would mean a significant boost in power for this skill.

Another concept I was thinking of was with the Nyx creatures if the character is large enough rather than them being consumed through the mouth and added to the character they could be consumed through the cock and go straight into the balls. Another thought I had is what is the slime could be added to the character as a addition similar to the bind ring or echo where it creates modifications to the character for instance the slime could make it to where the characters cum becomes sticky or extremely adhesive allowing for sigils to remain after being used and eventually it could be that the opponent becomes permanently marked by those sigils is hit with them enough time. Another way to sign could be beneficial to the character is that rather than just binding the schedules permanently to some opponents the slime could assist in binding the sigils together similar to the multi-sidual that Torgar has as an ability. Maybe the bastion should have a way to cleanse corruption through Able maybe with that the character could remove corruption if they start becoming corrupted to where they don't have to wait they can specifically select this and they will be in a process of removing the corruption completely from the character this process may not even affect echo for the simple fact it is a symbiote rather than a parasite like the corruption seems to work. There could be the ability to compact muscle essentially after you reach a certain size you can select an option at home you must have echo to do this but the way it won't work is that for several terms or cycles whatever term is used to represent days the character will be placed specifically in echo's form and the main body echo will then compact the muscle making it much denser and much smaller and depending on how high your size is the character can actually become significantly stronger and larger another thing is that depending on the size of the character when they begin the process they could select the process to be done more than once for instance if they are at godlike muscle size it could specifically be set to where the character returns to Herculean the character could still maintain their height and it would actually be encouraged that the character does to cut back the risk of the whole black hole idea another person suggested even though that would be an eventual possibility. Potentially the way this could work is that echo and the character have to train at the meteor site and that brings them closer together allowing echo to do more involving the character similar to the bind ring and training and sparring and growing the imp

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i honestly really like the idea of compacting the muscles down for extra strength. Maybe it should give more HP as well?


Does anything happened with the slime? Or is it just that for you to mine experience? 

Also is there a way to seduce Abel or is he just the intro guy?

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I think the slime is mining experience and the abel is the intro guy.

Abel is yummy but im guessing hes gonna be a companion later down the road. 

Now the Imp is the one I'm interested in. Kind of wish you could have him either as a sub or dom. 


You can though? all you have to do is pick the correct dialogue choices for the imp

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But can you add him as a companion as a sub?  

Did with the dom just wondering if its possible either way. 


Oh yeah you can't add him as a companion as sub at moment, wish you could though


It's impossible for me to complete one of the new achievements since I have permanent 30 corruption and I can't meet the pure version of my doppelganger. Is there a way to reduce corruption? 


The pure doppelganger will show up when you have high corruption. (enough to get kicked out of the bastion)
I also have removed the corruption from those achievements for 0.7.3

Oh I see, I assumed that:
Low/No Corruption - Pure
High Corruption - Corrupted

Thank you for the clarification.


The doppelganger is your opposite so :

High corruption - pure doppelganger

Low corruption - corrupted doppelganger

How high is high? And can I meet it again after defeating it?

It didn't trigger till I got overwhelming corruption (500 corruption I think?) and yes you can meet it again in the same run.

Thanks for the information.

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Which download is the android download?

Give 13000 very good reviews.



hey owner can you somehow please restore my progress please? i really want it back or i might as well start ever again


unfortunately due to the way the thing the game is made on works making a new version of it makes any saves from a previous version unusable (it'd still be pretty unwise to use older saves even if it was possible cause chances are they would break anyways)

fortunately your achievements are maintained if you beat the game, and achievements give you permanent buffs, if you got a handfull of achievements it becomes waaaaaay easier to beat the game over and over, once you get many you are basically a killing machine lol


Just saying, when i already found out the mino's name and decided to do another run and tried to use it again it didn't work and went straight to fighting them.

Not sure if that is supposed to happen since it happened like 1 ending after,  but I was thinking that I could use Tiadanes name several times to just skip the fight.

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That is how it should be, I'll look into it!


Confirmed fixed in 0.7.3


Is there any kind of guide to complete all the endings, and if so can someone pass it to me?


You probably already found the guide but if you still need it here:


2 main things:

1) I do somewhat wish there was a way to either lock certain sizes (height, cock size, etc) or somehow just shrink them back to more normal values. As much as I like running around as a draconic avatar of corruption or a towering minotaur demon, sometimes I just want be a paragon of muscle and purity fighting against the corrupt hordes like some greek hero of legend. While possible to avoid all growing events altogether, things like the cock ring of the bind are great for building muscle for herculean build, but I cow have a cock and balls 3 times the height of my character, which doesn't exactly scream 'paragon or purity' to me. Similar situation with pure Torgar, since he doesn't have any fighting style options like the imp so I've accidentally hit a couple of his sigiled targets before I just removed him to stop my growth.

1a) On that topic, can Torgar get some fighting style options too? I want to use him as a pure character since he's one of the few non-corrupt or demonic characters we can interact with, but not if he's going to be constantly growing me.

2) Will there be more Abel content in the near future, both with or without corrupting him? Currently from what I can tell, he exposits a little bit, you can make him glow corruptly, but he's not like Torgar or the imp and doesn't have any form of notable progression (Torgar progresses to fully pure/corrupt, the imp progresses to be your master/servant). If he's just meant to be exposition then that makes sense, but being introduced as someone close to us who we can revisit whenever feels like he's being set up to be more than just a lore dump.


ya it's kind of funny the first few times but like would be nice to be normal sized sometimes.

maybe it can be a temporary thing that wears off after a certain number of actions or maybe we can work with density as well, increment the density instead of just the volume which would result in muscles that are effectively larger then they really are.

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that would bring some interesting problems though i imagine, get too dense and accidentally become a black hole would be an interesting way to end up XD


Your first question is taken care of in 0.7.3, and Abel will have is role expanded in later versions.

are the voices not implemented yet? im curious cause there are options for a voice but the voices don't seem to be there when i try the test voice buttons.


OH nvm XD it was just taking a long time to load in.

what name do I tell the minotaur?


I think it's all the same , it just gives you different dialogues .

You can try :




Torgar does nothing i tried


oka, thanke!

I honestly tried to use the minotaur's own name for it, surprised that didnt work haha; seemed the most logical


It is the minotaur's name though, Tiadane

it didnt work for me


Did you guys get rid of green goo guy i liked him. Orcs are just boring


I love this game , i really do... but please also add  options to bottom more often (  whenever you wantof course)

It's heartbreaking to be surrounded by all of this goodness and be forced to top or not submit :,(

I want Torgar to destroy me

you can bottom for torgar tho? heck it's what he pushes for

if anything I was bothered I couldnt get to make it known to torgar I'd top him till I actually do it lol

I feel like both top/bottom and dom/sub arent as fleshed out as everyone would wish, but it is an in-development game, and there sorta is 0 verse and switch options other than just choosing one for one character and one for another lol

Only once tho, he doesn't do anything when you wink to tease him he just says things about the "breeding of a lifetime" , but he does nothing and in his final stage of his corruption route you can only top.

Same with Kanathar , at one point you must win otherwise nothing happens and submitting becomes useless

Also mine didn't want to be a critique about the game ( as i said i really like it) I just hope that maybe ( maybe also after reading this :D) one day in the future he might add more things that i like .

you can only top? pretty sure I remember getting the option of letting him do it or doing it yourself

and kanathar literally has an entire route where he tops; and like, yea, I think the point is that kanathar will only aknowledge you if you beat him in fights, gotta work to get that imp butt ya know? it's not like throwing yourself  unto someone will ensure they'll do stuff haha; and like, you can still choose to sub for him, it's just a choice you gotta make multiple times

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You can bottom for torgar once but then after that you only top him. But that may change in the future idk.

And for Kanathar there isn't really any scenes for him when you sub for him other than a quick kiss then you cum. You do get like 2 endings for him if you sub but even still it would be nice if you could make him grow a lot more bigger without having to do just do just an ending.

Edit: Ok I may have sounded like an ass before. I apoligize for that. I just wish the sub content was a little more fleshed out.

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the bind ring that goes on your third arm says its suppose to increase orb size, but doesn't properly display how much they've grown on victory. also the first level of O Growth displays its final 35 corruption stat instead of the 15 it actually gives you.

I'll check it out, thanks for letting me know. <3

Is there any way to save to disk on Android?

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Is there some sort of guide or hints around to get all achievements (particularly Memories of Nyx and Kanathar)?


Yep, right here:

I did come across that, but on their respective pages none of them tells you in detail about what to do to get there :( Like do I need to have destroyed the cult beforehand or not? Do I need to keep giving the imp Essence up to a certain point before I can tell him his name?

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oh, well then this might help you instead:

For the imp you need to be submissive to the imp fyi


Oh dang I completely missed that page, thanks a lot! 

Okay I was about to ask about that so thanks for confirming that as well!


So how do we find the minotaur's name, or share the power of nyx with it?


Basically follow the "Memories of Nyx" route but choose to ally with the Minotaur after defeating him and letting him get him horny inside the mansion, you'll learn the name during the "Memories of the Minotaur" ending.


i had an idea for an ability called Hulk Factor, it's basically an upgraded version of Herculean Build 

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This was a cool update, Pretty disappointed you can't get dominated by the Minotaur but hey!, thanks for the update anyway


Hello! Any plans for a sprite gallery? or releases of older versions? I vaguely remember an image of Torgar with his fly open at normal size, I would love to to see it again ;) or maybe did I dream this all up...

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Hmm, with SteamDB your older versions should be accessible actually. 

I think that Torgar is still in the game, you just have to make him grow a bit before the container on his back breaks after a few fights.

Why is the sound always intermittent?


Having issues in the current public version when going through a reborn cycle, this happens when clicking the option to reborn.

same, literally happened to me today, think it might be cause I have almost all achievements?


This will be fixed in 0.7.1. Sorry for the issue.

Yeah i also got it, cant do anything its basically ssoftlock cuz i cant save my progress.


Is there going to be a way to start on the master path with the imp without having to give in multiple times? Would be nice if we could make him our sub by just repeatedly beating him and walking away, just eventually get the option to tell him "You're mine now." Mostly cause giving in turns into hyper-growth really quick.

Also, I'd like to be able to lock down my character's size and give the imp something to return him to his original size. I like the size-play in some aspects but it gets a bit much at times. ^.^;


agreed maybe some shrinkage item, or so


yea haha, I am not into hyper stuff myself but I like literally everything else about this game lol

tho I do like how OP I get with constant increasing number after I got a lot of achievements lol


Actually, you can become his master but you'll need to defeat him many times. I don't remember how much though. Maybe almost a dozen times?

And yes, I agree that the sizes do get a little too much. I reached almost 13 meters in height, and my male tool was about 24 meters with the "eggs" beneath it around 41 meters! That was quite insane. But then I had to have sex with a thirty or maybe fifty-something cobra?

Don't get me wrong, I liked the game very much and especially the story. But maybe it needs some balance? And I also hope we get to do something fun with Abel. Or is it already available and I didn't make the right choices to achieve that?

Nonetheless, sorry for the long tirade.

Deleted 104 days ago

In this case, might as well become a planet and let the others live on your body. There will be the great nipples, mount dick, the great butt-crack valley, the great testicle hills, the abs plateaus, and the occasional phenomenon know as the great lakes of cum.

Deleted 104 days ago

i reached something like 320km XD

I've beaten the imp something like 25+ times in a row. He never submits to being "mine" until I take the sexual route and press him against my chest. Until that happens, he literally always just...runs away when he is beaten. And all the while he continues growing... It gets a tad frustrating.

Ah yes, indeed. That's the only way. After all, this was meant to be a heavily sexual game.


Well yes, but doing so kicks off a TON of the hyper stuff. It'd be nice to be able to take the imp in as a companion/sex slave without having to do that. And for rp purposes, being able to induct him into your party without giving in to fulfilling his sexual desires is a nice thought.

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Honestly for me the hyper stuff is fine, especially since it's kind of the point of the game, but the growth may be need to be a tad bit slowed down since you can get to about really high heights insanely fast. 

 Edit: Now when I think about it maybe it's fine for where the growth speed is since it's mainly corruption that makes you grow really fast, if you don't go for it the growth is slowed down a whole lot without corruption and I think it kind of makes sense since the game is centered around macro, corruption and hyper growth so that could be why it goes so fast. I don't personally mind it though so maybe that's just me.

growth still goes super fast just because of the golden sigil ability.

I guess you could scale damage with something other than size instead but that's the route i went and it just goes up super fast even without corruption.


Hey, would love if the "check appearance" function could mention the current cock size within the text too.

And maybe a jerk off option




On mobile, like the dumb dumb i am, i downloaded the 0.6.4 html on mobile even though the 0.6.5 was out.  I tried to bring my progress over, and it's a bit difficult.  Can someone help me with this?

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